Sunday, March 29, 2009

Foundation Night '09

With my besties...

My housemate, Safiah Abdullah...

My sis, Ong Chai Peng..
Special thanks to Ms. Fazilah, our event advisor...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My diary..#1

25th june 08,
Glory 2 God
He listen 2 my prayer. Last night He asked me 2 wait. God want me 2 b faithful 2 Him. 2day He had solved my problem. He sent an angel 2 me, Chai Peng. He let me know tat Chai Peng is a good n caring friend. He teach me x to critic or back stabbed ppl. Yes,all d glory 2 Him at the highest. Amen..

3rd July 08,
Haha..last night I dream I had an opportunity 2 have a talk wif Pastor Ting Ee Ling.. I ask her wether she wants 2 marry or not,coz 2 bcome a 牧师, one can't marry (female) her answer is so weird! She asked me back who told me tat 2 bcome a 牧师,she can't gt married. Nway,its a dream oly after all.. funny,y I feel so lost~

5th July 2008,
好高兴噢! 能够download诗歌.

7th July 2008,
I was stunted! As pastor Moh n her sister cm n sit beside me..
All begins in da morning..i go 2 morning prayer at 6.00 o'clock..we pray according to the Lord's prayer,conducted by Pastor Ting Ee Ling. During d break time,btween 6.30-7.00 am,i wantd 2 approach pastor 2 ask them 2 teach me about the 三位一体的神. But all of them seems so busy. Aftr tat, i go 2 airport..saw some senior which we r in same college in primary school. Go inside d airplane and unbelievable.. Pastor Mao n her sister cm n sit bside me! I afraid I wil 认错人. I cal 传道. She turned 2 me n ask which church I m from..I request tat she change place wif her sister..coz I ve questions 2 ask her.. For her is fine,so d cnversation startd.. 感谢主. 你太伟大了! Before this I told aunty Ma Nar there will not be any miracle in this world, but, God had let me experience it! There is miracle and God did send angel beside you~

25th Aug 2008,
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst 4 righteousness, for they will be filled..
Blessed are d peacemakers,for they will be called sons of God..

19th Oct 2008,

26th Oct 2008,

2rd Nov 2008,
刚从理拜堂回来。 好累,好想主日学的小朋友,好想福源堂,好想卫斯理堂,好想听美英牧师,怡伶传道,毛传道,pastor Ting, pastor Lee n Rev. Tiong Chung Tiing's sermon.好渴慕义,好想家,好想家人!一下子肯定又哭了。陈利翩,加油!

27th Nov 2008,
刚才jungle trekking 完过后,感谢主。。。我跟彩萍传了福音。。我好希望她能得救,因她是我的好姐妹。。。

29th Dec 2008,
陈怡伶传道,go go 加油啊!--> today is her birthday!

16th Jan 2009,
我跟蔡传道分享了。不知道为何突然间跟他分享了有关我spm成绩的故事至到我遇到毛传道,后从网上遇到他的事情。。。主安排的太完美无霞了。然我见到毛传道后是蔡传道,后是长老会,后是ShuWan姐妹..是她在我伤心Chemistry考不好时SMS我说 we do our best,leave d rest 2 God..可能她也不知道她已成为我的天使! 重而言之,我2009年学到的课程是:常常为别人感恩《怡伶传道》,成为别人的天使《蔡传道》。。。

31st Jan 2009,
真的很感恩,有这么好的姐姐; 很感恩,今天有去大保玲球,感恩,我还能呼吸,还有好多好多说不完的! 感谢神!希望,彩萍早日接受耶稣基督!我做牛做马都心干情愿。。。我要她一家得救,这是我心愿!

10th Feb 2009,

21st March 2009,
12.32 a.m.-今天,为什么那么孤独呢?其实,我很不高兴,因为明天在福源堂将举行少年崇拜,而我不能参加。。。主题还是我最喜欢的诗歌:“我们爱,让世界不一样”。我深深觉得爱的那古力量太大了,能改变人心和这个败坏的世界。。讲员是陈怡伶传道。。喜望神能投过陈传道来感动众听者。。还有,她的妈妈到底好不好。。打电疗是很痛的,我能做的只有为她来祷告。我不喜欢看到人病痛,又其是主内弟兄姐妹!靠我真的无能为力,可是,我喜望主能够接着我的双手救跟多的病人。。我们在天上的父,我的生命是你的。。用我吧!求你带领我的明天。感谢主,给我还能在这一刻生呼吸。。愿我所作的能荣耀你圣洁宝贵的名,阿门。。。

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This morning, at around 5.40 a.m. I already get ready in my clothes. I wanted to go to the morning prayer meeting in my church. However, who knows? my bro cudn't wake up. Want to drive my mum didn't allow. Impossible will I ask my grandma to send me, she sleep late at night. My mum is still at the Bintulu. So, at last, I didn't go. Then, accompany LawMing to the Sunday service, I wanted her to concentrate with the sermon because I heard she is having some problems in understanding what the pastor preach. However, she still leave early. Hmm..I failed. My actual plan is to help out the Sunday School's Kids. Nevermind la..

Here is my feelings today. I was very happy when I am back to the Masland Methodist Church, feel like "I m BACK!"