Sunday, July 18, 2010

福源家;主日学 :'-) (English version)

Today, just as I entered the room, a Sunday School's children came to me and said,"teacher, this lollipop is for you." Fuyoo~ I was touched! Actually there is once her mum told me:"Teacher, my daughter like you very much. She always asked, when are you coming back..."

I...(^_^") really hope that they (the kids) can grow well spiritually here, in the Sunday School. Actually they are my encouragement as well...Kids, thanks yo!

There are also a few elders in the Sunday School organization, which I can feel that they treat me really well and I feel so easy with them. Also, I respect them a lot. I haven't earn any money yet(even if I want to treat them to show that Im grateful to them, also, I can't-will be very weird), and at the same time I felt like I can't help them much. I told myself, I will help all of them unconditionally(if I am able) in future, when I am back here to Sibu. For the time being, prayers is what I can help out, because when I pray, God works!

You guys are my encouragement too! T'was because I started to doubt if I can graduate as a doctor because always, I tend to feel like I want to give up. (Coz maybe I like to study in a very relaxing mood and I love to join activities). Therefore, the elders and kids in Sunday School did contribute some encouragement to me in achieving my dream =D

Actually, there is one that I really respect her. I heard, last year, when she knew that I m leaving to continue my studies after helping in Sunday Sch here for 3 months, her eyes went watery.

In the nutshell, I treat all of you as my parents, brothers and sisters. Really thank you very much for the supports! Masland Methodist Family; Sunday School^^ gambateh!

福源家;主日学 :'-) (Chinese Version)

今天,微芝(我的主日学学生),一到班上就赶快跑过来说:“老师,给你棒棒糖。” Fuyoo! 感动下莫!!! 其实,她妈妈也有曾经跟我说,“老师啊,我女儿很喜欢你哦!每次都问老师你几时回来。。。”

我。。。(^_^") 真的很希望小朋友们都能来主日学,好好在主日学里长大(^^)v 其实,他们都是我的鼓励。。。小朋友们,谢谢哦!



其实,有一个长辈,我真的很尊敬你。因,去年我回来在主日学帮忙了三个月后又要回西马了,听妈妈说:那位bla~bla~bla~真的很舍不得你,听到你要出去了,她眼睛都watery watery 的(自己去明白这是什么意思吧,我不懂要怎么讲)。

总而言之,我都把你们当成父母,弟兄姐妹了。很谢谢你们!福源家;主日学^^ 加油!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

晨祷会..The morning prayer..

I overslept this morning, and by the time I get ready already, it's 5.20a.m. dy, so I drove to Masland Methodist Church for the morning prayer. This is my first time stepping my legs into this church for the morning prayer since I was in Sibu for 2 months dy, maybe I would say that this was the first time for me to go there for this year,2010. I was really shocked when I saw the numbers of people, what Rev Tie is true, the number decline a lot. I still remember there was a lot of people when Rev. Kong first started the morning prayer meeting there. What happened?

Actually I will not pin-point others or critics anyone, I, myself change a lot too, last year I will go to the morning 5a.m. prayer everyday but now I was so lazy to wake up. Recently, I started to go for branded things and did not give thanks a lot, I even give my offerings lesser nowadays. Now I am 20 years old, I want to make the 5am prayer as a habit, so that during my working days, hopefully I can still carry on this no matter where I go. It's 4 years more, long time to go but I am not in hurry, I just need to do d same thing always, which is to wake up early for my daily devotional time, so that it is easier for me in future.

Sincerely, I was quite sad to see what I saw this morning. What I do now is I will change myself first and pray for my church. As what Rev. Tie said, how can you critics when u do not pray for them in d first place???

My "niat" is: I will go to tomorrow Masland Methodist Church morning prayer meeting.

Oh, you little of faith..

Those who knows me might know that I have a little of faith. Always, I will think in this way. "How could I spread the gospel, you who have a little of faith." Thanx John Wesley for your words, I found this a few days ago.

“Immediately it stuck into my mind, "Leave off preaching. How can you preach to others, who have not faith yourself?" I asked Boehler, whether he thought I should leave it off or not. He answered "By no means." I asked, "But what can I preach?" He said, "Preach faith till you have it; and then, because you have it, you will preach faith.”

And I will spread the gospel, until my faith grow stronger, and because I have it, I will continue to spread the gospel. This lead to another thought of mine, in the church during the orayer meeting, which is,"Do not give up on your plan yet. Pray and God will work for it, if what I did find the favour in his eye." My plan, maybe minority of u might know it, "is to have a christian fellowship in CUCMS." Most of you might think, "she thinks big, as if she can do it!" Here, I would like to clearify that, yes, it was like 0.1% to have a Christian fellowship in CUCMS, but it's just a picture in my mind. I know, I will start small first, because the number of Christian student here is so limited.

"Though I always dream big, I am not in hurry. If what I did find favour in His eye, I believe He will open the door. Otherwise, I will continue to obey and walk in His revelation." And Happy 20th birthday to myself. Thanks God for this 2o years =D

Friday, July 16, 2010



五点,到家时。。。看到桌上有一个parcel,应该就是那位马来朋友寄来的interfaith dvd 了吧,可是为什么这parcel 这么大?打开看看,拿出一盒很美的盒子,里面有一把笔。谢谢咯, Amer。。。我会珍惜的=)


去晚祷会时,很不高兴。以前,生日时收到他的 Fererro Rocher ,不知要怎么形容的开心啊。。。这次,他可是送给我一把很美的笔也!为什么心里不舒服?因:我没接着这机会跟他传福音!为什么要怕?其实,以前有人对我说,不要跟马来西亚的回民讲福音。。。所以,每次我做什么都要很小心,后来就造成我没有把福音单张给了他。。。

有传道人跟我分享过,有人report 说他们在征服大学传福音,后来被抓进监牢。可是我这次不管了,我不要在亏欠上帝了!我欠回民的是:福音债。。。


Thursday, July 15, 2010

My sister... Ong Chai Peng

Haha..this is my pirated twins!! Ong Chai Peng, a very good and caring friend I met in CUCMS. She is doing her first year Bachelor of pharmacy and will be entering 2nd year in August. She always guide me in many ways, and advice me too.

There is once Rev. Paul Ting told that to find a sister, please find a Christian!! I don't believe, I was saying to myself that, what's wrong with that???

But after a while, yes, both of us became a very good sisters but there is one thing I realized, both of us can talk on everything, except one thing! RELIGION! When I find some confusion or some problems in my religions, I failed to communicate with her, that's the loosing part but I really hope one day she will become a Christian too, I want her and her family grasp the savior, which is Jesus Christ. Will pray for that.

She is really good sister, take care of me a lot, especially when I was sick, she will buy a porridge for me and wait downstairs my apartment. And she is supportive too! She planned that both of us open a shop when we graduate, she do the medicine part, I will be in-charged of the patient. Haha.. That's just a dream!

I was so blessed to have a sister!!

My friend..Amira Liyana Ressang

In CUCMS here, I met Amira, in short, she is Mira. I seldom hear she says bad things about others. She doesn't have any hard feelings on anyone! Sometimes a friend of mine said bad things on Mira, I will always backing her but they still aid Mira is like this this this, that that that. Im my heart, I told myself:"Relax Evelyn, you know Mira is not like that And pls! Do not fight with others because of small things. Only foolish people get angry very fast. One day they will find out Mira is not like that!"
I will just backing Mira to certain extend, then I kept quite because I am afraid if I continued, I will fail to hold my tongue and at last we will quarrel, so better keep quiet. This things happened twice already and I was grateful for still trusting Mira and standing on her site.

Next year both of us will be roommate. I will continue to pray that both our relationship is fine. There is once our relationship was affected but that's during our foundation year. Hope everything will be fine in my 2nd year with Mira. Don't be too close because misunderstanding will normally appear, but when you keep trusting your friend and overcome the risk to be too close, you two will finally become a good friends. Evelyn, try your best and dun always be too emo yeah!!

So grateful to have friend like Mira ;) I am blessed!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A happy medical student!

Really enjoying doing the website for my brother just now. Now I understand what do people mean by "do what you love to do, study in the field which you are interested in". I promise myself that, after enjoying the fun of designing the website, later onwards, I want to enjoy in studying for another 4 years left MBBS journey. I want to be a happy medical student.

Wow~ So the missionary just now is serving in Arab Saudi. She started with a greeting, "Assalamualaikum." I just answered in my heart,"Waalaikumusalam" (Im not sure whether my spelling is correct or not. Yeah, still in search where I want to serve but I am very sure that I want to become a doctor! A happy medical student for my second year!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A letter for my good friends写给心灵忧伤的一位好朋友

Suddenly found this, I have delete all her name. Just copy and put it here, so that one day when I fall, this words might help me as well..

"記念你的眼淚、晝夜切切的想要見你、好叫我滿心快樂." (2 Timothy 1:4)

“為此我題醒你、使你將 神藉我按手所給你的恩賜、再如火挑旺起來。 ”(2 Tim 1:6)

"因為 神賜給我們、不是膽怯的心、乃是剛強、仁愛、謹守的心。" (2 Tim 1:7)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A few words..

Haiz~ times go so fast and I had spent so much times, in other words, I wasted so much times already. U want me to study? Oh. books again. Is that what medic life is? I am tired. August is coming.... I have to go back to CUCMS already, stop computer games, stop all the dramas ok? Appreciate TODAY! Make full use of my times pls.

Everytime I want to give up, there will always be something pushing me to move forward and further. Jia you aa...

And one more thing, I am a 2 years old Christian today, 7/7/2010. =) jia you...

What will keep me move on? My dreams? Maybe I should write it down? As what told by Alia..

Sunday, July 4, 2010


我妈妈知道的。我一直都很想入会。我想真正属一间教会,能参与那里的事工,和团契。我在Penang的五年都从来没上过教会的。每次回到Sibu 都有去福源堂啦,跟家人咯!可是我没有去过少团和青团,所以那种“陌生感”是还有的。。。

今早,在福源堂预到了两个以前有在SCMC 就是沙登华人卫里教会的大专生。一个和婷婷已经毕业了。还有一个是回来了Kuching念书。怎么这么巧呢?哈哈。。。上帝的安排,谁知呢?

我以前很会埋怨上帝,问为什么那么小,我就到槟城年书,就是在我Form 1 时候。弄得我没去少团,对福源堂的人陌生。可是今天听了他们分享,才发现,有的刚回来诗巫,还在找教会呢!有的也是在福源堂崇拜,可是青团在天道堂那里。他们也说了,是那样的。。。出去读书后,回来也参加了朋友教会的团契。。

我不会再埋怨神了,祂的安排,会是很完美的,我相信。如果,当初我留在Sibu 的话,就没有今天的我吧。所以,一直说不出口的话,现在还是要说了,“谢谢上帝,您的安排。在一切事上,希望我能多多感恩,踏出的每一步,都会荣神益人啊!”

我有跟福源堂的一位会友分享过我现在的情况。她说最好团契和崇拜的教会是一样的。我就说,那只好我去新福源堂了。她说OK 呀!我烦了整个下午,Jac Kong 也有邀请过我去福源青啊。。。不知如何的我,就看香港连戏剧,逃避现实。。。当晚,崇拜过后,接到下午那个会友的电话。她说,我暂时先保持现在那样。。。方正我也很少回来,等毕业后在找一间堂会,入会和侍奉吧!


Friday, July 2, 2010

What's Our Call ?

Author: Unknown

One night at a small church in Atlanta, Georgia, a man shared how he had become a Christian while in Sydney, Australia.

"I was at the street corner in Kings Cross," the man began, "when I felt a tug on my sleeve. Turning, I found myself face to face with a street bum. Before I could say anything, the man simply asked me, 'Mister, if you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?' " "That question troubled me over the next three weeks," the man continued. "I had to find an answer, and I ended up giving my life to Christ."

The pastor of the Atlanta church was amazed that a man on a street corner could have such an impact. But imagine his amazement when, three years later, another man came to his church and gave an almost identical testimony. He, too, had been at Kings Cross in Sydney when a derelict had pulled on his sleeve and then asked him, "If you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?" This second man, also haunted by the street bum's question, eventually sought and found an answer in Jesus.

Shortly after hearing the second testimony, the pastor of that small church in Atlanta had to be in Sydney for a missions conference. On one of his nights off, he went to Kings Cross to see if he could find the man who had been mentioned at his church by two different people. Pausing on a street corner to look for someone like the street bum he'd heard about, he felt a tug at his jacket. He turned, and before the poor old man could say anything, the pastor blurted out, "I know what you're going to ask me! You're going to ask me if I were to die tonight, where would I spend eternity?"

The man was stunned. "How did you know that?" he inquired. The pastor told him the whole story. When he finished, the man started to cry. "Mister," he said, "10 years ago I came to Jesus, and I wanted to do something for Him. But a man like me can't do much of anything. So I decided I would just hang out on this corner and ask people that simple question. I've been doing that for years, mister, but tonight is the first time Ever that I knew it did anybody any good."

God calls us not to be successful, but to be faithful in following where He leads. We need to obey God even when we can't see whether it does any good or makes a difference in someone else's life. I encourage you to stay faithful to the Lord even when things don't make sense and be sensitive to that still small voice because that is the Lord leading you to where He wants you to be. (1 Kings 19:11-12)