Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pathway for my growing 1

Huh~ Last week is such a hectic week..Sunday, as usual I will sleep late to finish my last touch up on my chemistry lab report. Ya, something happen. In the afternoon, I take a nap after I came back from the church. At the same time, my housemate, xxx, called me and asked me wether want to buy the butterfly (she did mention wether I want to buy the ready preserved butterfly or alive butterfly) but I over heard it as (she asked me wether I want to buy the ready preserved butterfly. I said don't because later Mr. Erci will deducted our lab skills for not dissecting the insects- either I told this statement to Nash or her, I forgot dy. Everything went on smoothly until xxx came back. She voice up to others that she was quite disappointed with me coz she had spent whole day to find the place yet I asked her not to buy it. If this happen to me, I will also get very disappointed. When I heard this from my others housemates, I was quite shock and sad. It was not anyone fault. Actually I heard it wrongly..I was very sad until I nearly cry because I had make someone disappointed and wasting her time to search for the butterfly. But, I didn't cry la..."malu jer". At last, I sms her with all my courage. Thanx God! She forgave me and said nevermind. Thanx to her for been so forgiving and thanx to Mira too. Mira..I really appreciate our friendship! I want to see everything positively. I assumed that every circumstance that I go through is a pathway for my growing so that I will become a more forgiving, more humble, more patience and better person. All the glory to God the Almighty. I can't stand withou Him.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pathway for my growing 2

"I hope she will wake up the next morning and call me - ibu"'ve enter my second story of the week. It's on Tuesday, after an insect dissection with Mr. Eric. Harmeet, Mira and I went back with Kit and Mahfuz. At first, Syaz called Mira. Then, I too received a message from Nash, saying that Syafiqah, Sharmala and Saibah involved in accident. At the same time, we already arrived in front of the Cyberia Smart Home so we got down to see. The condition is quite bad and this make me cried. I was so scared when I keep on thinking of the accident but Karthik did present Harmeet, me and Safiah a phrase "ketakutan bukan kehidupan!". Victim- 1 trauma, 1 external bleeding and 1 still in ICU. No one is too be blame in this case, things had happened and it's now a history, a "past tense" for all of us. This lesson teach us to be careful on the road. Let anyone who read this short sharing will pray for Shafiqah and Sharmala. Pls pray for Saibah who was still in ICU. Last night I went to visit her, her mum is very friendly, and kind, postive also. She told me, " I hope Saibah will wake up in the next morning and call me - ibu".

Friday, October 10, 2008

After RAYA~

First week after Raya...huh?! damn tired, daily heavy routine again. I always sleep around 1.30-2.00 am every night..It has become normal to me already. An incident happen within tis week...Erm..want to share or not hah?

Ok, it's happen like this. All my friends(my housemate) are studying ahead of me already, I was a bit slow. Sumore can go and play basketball after that. I was having pressure at that time, really felt very tense. However, I tried to slow down and pray. Luckily, I was able to go through the chemistry exam without tense and relax. All the glory to God the Almighty. Just now got Biology quiz. Ok...not bad..I stady with calm this time, not like previously. Before this, I will easily become tention if got exam but now, I can successfully tackle it. With man all the things is impossible but with God, everything is possible. God will always put an angel beside you when you encounter any problem. And special thanks to Aqi, I'll always message her when I m in tense or bored. Thanks Aqi! Peace~I dy decided! Wan to live happily everyday, "kao zhu xi le!"