Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obstetric and Gynecology Posting (Pre, Posting and Post)

In a sentence, I will say that Obstetric and Gynecology posting is really fun!! :) You will enjoy. Plus, in Manjung, you will have extracurricular activities, seriously, I enjoyed it a lot.. feel like I was back in my secondary school life :D study + sports+ party! Ok, let's enter the topic for this time... ^^just a short sharing from me..

1. Pre-posting preparation:

To know what book you might need to use during the O&G posting, you can visit here. It is a sharing about books for O&G posting. You can also download some ebooks from there. During the first weeks, you will have workshops with Dr. Sabri, Dr. Suhaimi and A.Professor Hanif. There will be slots for "How to take history for O&G posting, how to examine a gravid uterus, theory and practical session for vaginal examination (YOU will have OPPORTUNITY to do it on mannequin), learn how to read cardiotocograph (CTG) and what is pactogram". Maybe you can consider to read those topics before the class?  ;D

2. Posting:

Actually I have nothing much to say, for Manjung group, you will need to elect a sports manager, because normally you will have extracurricular activity on Wednesday evening. Believe me, it will be fun having games with your teammates after spending half a day in the hospital. Divide yourself into two groups, both groups will compete in academic and also sports :)

I am not giving the clerking template this time, every lecturer will have their own styles. For Dr. Kamal's class, you will need to clerk the patients according to the template and you must ask everything about the patients!! Everything...very details. For Dr. Tan, during my case presentation, she wanted me to put in management of the patient upon the admission in the History of Presenting Illness. Prof. Hanif will teach you guys how to present a case... You may need to have a few differential diagnosis in ur minds according to the chief complaint and ask only the relevant questions to ur patients. The way to clerk the patient which Prof. Hanif taught will be used again in Internal Medicine posting  :) Also clerk all the patients, after clerking, have some times, sit down and rearrange all the words so that you can present well to the lecturers :) Make sure the projector and LCD are ready before the class start. Anyone of you can volunteer to present a case in front of your friends in CME room, when Prof. Hanif arrived, the volunteer can still continue with his/her presentation, Prof. Hanif will correct if there's any mistake.

In Serdang, especially for Dr. Suhaimi's class, please get ready the LCD, projector before the class. He is very particular about this. For his first class, please call the person-in-charge for the CST room to get ready all the mannequin before the class commence.

3. Preparation for end-of-posting exam:

Just read the core knowledge, you can find that in your guidebook. After my survey, the case that we got for our exam is not something new for us, it's all been taught in class, during lectures and TBLs. :) So, if u read, you don't have to worry too much for exam. ^^

That's all.. Enjoy ya!