Saturday, September 18, 2010

What lead me to tears?

A thousands of sad movies won't lead me to a single drop of tears, but "that particular matter" (related to my religion, I chose to keep it secret) always lead me to a pool of tears.. Pls God, can u help me..? I know You will. It is an impossible, but all things are possible in You.. Only in you, that I trust this matter to..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Disappointment.. with who? I don't know. I care so much 'till it is painful, that at last I choose to care less about it .. =(

By the way, I was quite happy today! I gained some new knowledge, actually I should say it is a revision for me. I attended a lecture on sunathon. I was wondering, can I do all those circumcision? But then, how do I know my ability 'till I try it? Looking forward to "gain new knowledge" everyday. Haha.. =D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How peanut butter got its name

Just want to share with u guys a short story which I found online.

One day, peanut have a heart to heart session with butter.

Butter told peanut that she had a hard feeling on peanut when peanut was close with other beans.

Actually peanut felt the same thing before this. After the confrontation, each of them knows what the other side felt. And why they had a hard feeling on each other when the opposite site was close to the others? It's because they "care" each other too much.

The moral value of this short story is that, do not keep things to yourself, confront that person if you have to do so, so that both may know the true story and aren't this strengthen a relationship between friends? That's how peanut butter got its name.


and I guess the peanut and the butter are able to maintain their friendship =)

Peanut butter

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Revise my "niat"

This afternoon, as usual, I was in my grandfather's office when suddenly a phone rang and there is no one else in the office. So I picked up the phone. Someone (a businessman) was looking for my mum, but she is busy outside in the store I guess, and suddenly he (the one who is speaking to me on the phone) asked, "Is this her daughter?"

"Yes." I answered.

"How come you are in Sibu? Holidays?"


"When will you graduate? Faster graduate .."

I said.. "another 4 more years."

"How come you still need so long? I thought u were in West Malaysia since long ago."

"Erm.. I have my secondary school in Penang, and now I was in one of the Uni in Cyberjaya there..."

That's a short conversation this afternoon. At last my mum did explained to that uncle about my situation and telling him that I am taking medicine, only then he understood why it took so long for me to complete my degree.. My mum told me that he actually asked me to graduate faster and come back to help my mum as he thought that I am taking the degree for business (^_^")

Actually I was so used to people asking me that, "how come u have been in West Malaysia for so long???" Hm... and I will repeat the same thing everytime :)

There was some times, perhaps many times that I was so down and tired of my life (normally a day before my final exam..hehe.. bcoz there'll be so many things I have to study). I will think that "Why am I getting myself into all this thing? Why am I not getting myself into business world? Evelyn, you want to become a doctor? Are you mad? Being a medical student, it's not easy! Ur parents have to pay a sum of money and you, yourself have to work hard.

However, thanks to Dr. Hazian! She used to told us, "Being a medical student it is normal when u think in that way. Always revise ur 'NIAT' ".. She repeated this in our first few classes.

Yeah, revising my "niat" again...Why I want to become a doctor ??
a) I felt uncomfortable or restless when someone felt sick in front of me.. I felt so helpless. I HOPE that I can do something for them (in future - my patients) :) And I want to treat them as my FAMILY, treat them with LOVE.

b) I have a dream (not prepare yet to tell the public). To achieve my dream, it would be easier if I have a profession first especially, if I am a doctor.

c) A way to help others, as there is a saying in chinese idioms which sounds : "助人为快乐之本", meaning that helping others is one of the happiness. I am not saying that u can't help people by being a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer or other profession, just that I chose this! I chose to help others by having my profession as a doctor..

I did kept a folder in my laptop, a folder full of some nice, encouraging songs, mostly hymns. The folder entitled "revise my niat" ;) Every time after I revise my niat, I will become better and I know, I am happy and thankful with everything that I had with me now. God will lead me! Moreover, I still have a very supportive family and friends around me. I enjoyed, though it's a bit busy being in 2nd year.

Lastly, hopefully all my "niat"(s) find the favour in His eyes...amen..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"M12" and My new groupmates (^_^)V

Respiratory block is over, I just realized that times go on so fast. It is true that "time wait for no man". I was so blessed with M12's members. They are very cooperative. At first, when I knew that there will be new grouping for second year, I was a bit scared because I am afraid if can't adapt with the new members. So far, things turn out very well. Moreover, all of them are very helpful. Whenever I failed to understand certain topics, I will always go and find Aainaa and Hasvini or the others for their helps. I found out it is easier to understand and remember when there are someone who is willing to teach us. Azra is special as well, during the group discussion, she used mnemonics and this is really helpful to all of us in memorizing, especially for the mechanism of the drugs. Everytime, when I was worried for something or when I come to an indecisive matter, I will always seek the help from Atikah! She will sit down and spend some times with me, giving me a lot of useful advices. Alina and Fiera is too friendly... They will makes jokes or laugh as much as possible, which will enlighten the whole group. Syifaa, Wan and Ain, they are a little bit quiet but they did laugh together when jokes explode in our group! This is all about my new groupmates, which I have been with them for one month already. I hope that all of us will try our best to maintain the dynamics in a group, and together, we help each other in achieving our goal..