Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miss a class is a great loss :)

Many people asked me, why am I going back to KL so early...

I am sad because I need to go back to Cyberjaya on the second day of the Chinese New Year, which is today. Right now I am in Starbucks, Kuching International Airport, waiting for my next flight to KL and my cousins are waiting for their flight to Singapore.

This morning, I reached Sibu airport at around 6.30a.m.

The morning was SO EARLY,
Sibu airport was SO EMPTY,
Flight MH3693 was SO EMPTY...

I remembered, a few months ago when I was talking to my friend, she said that I should stay in Sibu longer and spend time with my family. However, as for me, of course I want to spend more time with my family members but then at the same time I do not want to miss any classes tomorrow. A few weeks ago in Manjung, a friend of mine missed a class and I realized that she missed so many important things taught by my lecturer. I DO NOT WANT THAT to happen to me.

And another friend of mine said that I can take longer leave because I am still a medical student. But then, I think now is the only time I am learning so I do not want to missed any opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the hospital. Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday...I only have THREE days in antenatal ward :( wish to have more :)

Yes, family is IMPORTANT AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I HAD ENJOYED TO THE FULLEST SINCE I REACHED SIBU LAST 3 DAYS. I didn't open my O&G books since last 3 days and since I do not know much yet, I guess I need to start reading the books after I take some rest in Cyberjaya later.

This morning when I was in the flight, they served us milo, 2 muffins and a box of small cookies. When I saw the cookies, I was thinking, at that period of time, my other friends must be enjoying cookies in their home or maybe in others houses. But, i was having cookies in the flight, sad right?

However, something suddenly came into my minds which made me give thanks to God with what I have. Suddenly, a picture of some kids in rural areas or poorer country who do not have any food to eat flashed in my mind. I should give thanks for the food I had even it's in the flight on the second day of Chinese New Year. Someone, somewhere in this world do not even have any chance to enjoy the delicious cookies.

I must always know how to give thanks with all that I have. Only then I will learn how to appreciate :D Happy Chinese New year to all...