Saturday, May 21, 2011

Negative thought is bad :)

There is one infective disease that is contagious nowadays! In other words, it's a communicable disease.. I believe a "negative thought" will always come to us first, in most of the situation. Why do I say it is contagious? Because the negative thought of us may sometimes influence others to have a bad perception on another person. But then please dun answer this in the medical exam when the question ask you to list down the example of contagious disease. U will get big fat zero :)

Just a short sharing, recently, I have this problem, I had a very negative thought on a friend of mine. I was a little upset on how she treated me. I felt like she did not appreciate me. Then, what for I continued to do good to her? Then, why should I continued to treat her well? I started to become very moody to her, not too long. Only for a day and that is enough for me to feel that how bad am I and I shouldn't act in that way.

Fortunately, yesterday I have a chance to talk with one of my friend, Arina! She told me about this negative thought and positive thought of human. Always, in a any situation, the negative thought will come to us first. She said, she has this problem as well. She shared with me her story. Yes, I must resist this negative thought. After a long chat with her, I realized that positive thought shouldn't be 50% only. It should be 100%, directly come to us in whatever situation that we are facing, especially when it comes to our perception on others.
Arina said, instead of thinking that "the particular friend" do not care about you, why not think about her good? I answered her, "this is hard, and sometimes it is painful when u did something but people just ignore you." Arina replied, "the real love do not expect anything. Furthermore, we did it for God, we want the rewards from God, not on this earth." This is so true.. Lastly, Arina advised me, "cheerish the happy moment, leave the bad memory and continue to do what you are doing, continue to prepare her the dinner, continue to ask whether have she eaten..." :) Thanks Arina.. And she told me, this is how you practice to be stronger.

Things might be bitter to swallow, but I can if I want to. Trying my best to practice unconditional love. At least I know how Jesus felt when he was nailed on the cross. And yet, He said, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what are they doing." (Luke 23:34) Do I forgive others. Aren't God said, love your brother and sister?

On the day before I met Arina, I almost breakdown and bow down to anger. Luckily I successfully resist it and I didn't burst out. There is something that is not supposed to be handled by me but suddenly I have to settle all the remaining works. There is one time that I come to a point where I don't know what to do! Really stucked. Thanks God that Ammar and Fasihah come and help. At last, I was able to continue to join my group discussion, although at first I was like walking in and out of the room. Just that I lost my friend's pendrive :( There goes my money again, but it's ok. At first, I was a bit angry but thanks God, I cooled down and try to find a way to solve that problem. And throughout this incident, I learned how to bless the others in the midst of my stress. An achievement (^_^)v Praise the Lord, everything go on smoothly and today, I hope their trip to SMK Batu Laut is a successful one. I don't know the conflict in between, but I just do my job :) because I was committed to it already. But then after this the secretary job will be handled by Fasihah.

So you have read my sharing, few days ago I was really busy and emotional. A very supportive friend of mine, S texted me..."Evie, pls take care of ur feeling, we don't have time to lose to our mood anymore. Focus for our Pro Exam!" :) Thank you very much. Indeed, this message motivate me a lot. Pro Exam :)