Saturday, January 22, 2011

(Badminton) CUCMS Sport's Carnival 2010/2011

Badminton team from Red House
Men's single: Hafiz first year MBBS

Women's single: Elyana 4th year MBBS

Mixed double: Kartik and Syawana 2nd year MBBS

Women's single: Red VS Green

Women's double: Shamina 4th year MBBS and I

Nice game XD

 I am not good in badminton, so I was really nervous!My hands shake when I hold the shuttlecock. Even my serve all gone haywired =(  But then, gratefully, my partner, Shamina covered up lots of my weakness and we successfully win against the green women's double. The marks were very close XD

Thanks for all the Red House supporters also.. Without all of u, the player couldn't make it also.. Touched =') They cooled me down when I was so nervous. You know who are you! XD

Nice game!!

We are the champion XD Win 4 out of 5 games! Awesome~

(The Grand Finale) CUCMS Sport's Carnival 2010/2011

Preparation for the marching

Red House Team, The DRAGONS

Blue House

Yellow House

Green House

Red House

We spark! We Burn!!! =) Marching with snare drum and fire crackers!

The spirit of the DRAGONS! Red house, u guys are awesome!

The team lead by Karthik, the captain

@ the field

Green house dancing

Highly flammable! Be caution! and the DRAGON! with me, playing the snare =D

Seniors who contributed lots of precious marks to the RED hOUSE XD They r SUPER^active and SUPER^awesome! 

Thanks Juniors! ^^

Fiera, Evie and Aqi! ^^

2nd year RED hOUSE members XD

The Committee^^ Thanks for all the hard works.

U guys are awesome! 

That's all for today! I am so happy.. To conclude: team works + talents = champions..
Works are hard, but when they are many of us who did it TOGETHER, things get easier and we enjoyed while working TOGETHER!!

ahaks~! XD

(Basketball) CUCMS Sport's Carnival 2010/2011

So this is redhouse basketball team. For the Sports Carnival this time, I joined the basketball team and badminton. Let's talk about the basketball first. We have new good players! Kak Intan, Syafiqah and Nuyue.. This time around, I was assigned as a defender. Erm.. for the first time I think! If before this, I will be running to and fro. Yknow wat! It is fun to become the defender. The values I got this time was that: "have FAITH on ur teammates." Yes, of coz, EVERYONE would like to shoot because they might think that others can't. So do I but then this time, I stayed at my place.. @ defender area and when the ball successfully break the oponent's wall...I just continue to stay at the defender area and watch. I am very sure that my team's shooter will definitely make a GOAL!! Yes, have faith and trust your team.. Don't clump around the ball =D That's what normally people do! I hate clumping! Everyone will be chasing against a ball. Pass the ball and let the shooter do the shooting! We got 2nd! It's very good already! =) We aim for champion next year! I love the team!

Main player: Kak Abil, Kak Nana, Kak Intan, Zafirah, Nuyue, and I ;)
Sub: Some of the first year players..
Loyal supporter: Of Coz my friend, Aqilah!
Thanks also for the fifth year seniors, who came for our final game. They are K. Husna, K.Finie and K. Mira (who will grad this coming February!)

Basketball in the air!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thaipusam holidays with books ^^

Today is Thaipusam! However, I still have exam tomorrow~ just as usual lo..

Got a message early this morning, "Dear evelyn, today is a holiday. People can relax, laze off and do what they want. But we have a mission to become the best doctors and that's why we cannot rest. Today we are going to study hard, not for the marks, but for the sake of our future patients, where we'll know what to do if they have metabolic acidosis. Good luck and keep your focus! Love u :-)"

And ya, Mira is right! I can focus better if I close my laptop =D