Sunday, November 13, 2011

I love Manjung..

Hospital Manjung is really awesome. I fell in love with this place. Not only the patients here are polite, the staff nurses, sister, HO, MO and the specialist here are so nice. Seriously if u are so passionate to learn here, the housemen, medical officers are so willing to help you. Every night, I will follow the ward round. Yesterday, I met this MO, Dr. Brandon...he was really nice to the kids. Besides, after examining his patients, he will let us auscultate those kids and tell him the findings. He also told one of the patient's mum that he was once a medi al student also, and because of the patients allowed him to clerk them and learn, he can become a doctor today. That really touched me because he understand us, the medical student...

After he examined the kids, he will hug the kids and give a signal to my friend and I, to auscultate the kids immediately before the kids started to cry. He really look into the patient's eyes. Most of the doctor will only go to the patient, examine and leave but so far there are 3 doctors that I have seen, who really treat the patient as a whole...Mr. Ahmed Awil Adam, Dr. Zahirah and now, Dr. Brandon. Seeing the way Dr. Brandon treat the patient, I was so inspired. Last night, before leaving the ward, I saw there are a few kids who cried and they looked so depressing. I go to them, and performed some magic tricks. They smiled and I was so contented. In the ward, it was so depressing, hence, besides clerking patient and doing physical examination, I felt the needs to make them happy ans smile!