Saturday, September 17, 2011

The story of 3 friends

So here is a story of 3 friends who went to an island, where there is nobody else there.. :)

The adventurous 3 friends went to an island for fishing. When they reached the bolehland island, they realized that there are no one else there except 3 of them. For them it's ok, as long as they stay together all the time, they shouldn't be any problem.

Unfortunately, after 3 days staying there, they were out of food. They left only one more last boiled egg. Alice cut the egg into 3 parts they managed to share the egg and filled their empty stomach. At last, they decided to depart back home to Realityland, their hometown. Just before they leave, Beatrice just remembered that the main purpose that she went to the bolehland was to look for a type of plants called my hearto breakus sp. This type of plants can cure cancer patient. Amazing right? She asked Alice to accompanied her because she was afraid to walk alone at night. However, Catherine was a bit tired that day so she preferred to stay in the raft to wait for Alice and Beatrice until they came back later. Also, he did mentioned that she was afraid to stay alone. However egg can be broken into 3 parts but human being? I don't think so.

In the jungle, while looking for the plants, suddenly they heard a loud cry from the direction of the beach, and they knew it's Catherine's shouting. Hence, just like Doraemon, Alice had this teleporting machine. She took out and both Beatrice and Alice used the teleport device and appearred in front of Catherine. She looked so pale and frightened. At last, Alice made the decision to go back to Realityland. They will come back next time to look for the mystery and legendary plants, perhaps in four so that no one will be left alone ANYwhere!

In Bolehland, of course they can do anything they want to but then when they are back to Realityland, they was no such thing as teleporting machine. Human can only appear in a place at a time, and human will have to choose one and leave the rest. However, there are always solution, which is 3 of them can come to a conclusion and stay together.

In my diary, I didn't priortize anyone.. I give choices, it's up to you to choose.! And I will choose to stay with Beatrice (after my rational and logical reasoning), although I might love Catherine the most. She is strong outside but I just realized inside, she is not. She hide it. And sorry if I missed out anything, maybe I didn't get her message that she was afraid, and I know after this I need to understand her more. Hope our friendship last forever. So, what's next?