Friday, March 12, 2010

我心里悄悄的说, "感谢主, 愿一切荣耀都归给您..."

"If you do not know how to make mistakes, if you always think that you have to be right 100% all the time, please CHANGE your profession (of a doctor)." Dr Hazian, CST

Quite sad, didn't really do very well in physiology part just now but for Anatomy part I do quite well..It's lecturer told that, what is gone is not important anymore, don't do the same mistake again, think about future..and always be sincere, no cheating.. :)

今天是Clinical Skill Training 的地一堂课. 教授跟我们说, "在你们还没有爱你们的病人前, 你们应当跟你们的朋友和睦, 不要对家人乱发脾气. 然后, 教授问, "耶稣曾经说过一句话, 谁知道? 这里谁是基督徒?" 我心里想, 这次我又完蛋了! 实话说, 我的装备真的还不够! 我的朋友就喊我的名字...教授问, 这里谁是 Evelyn? 坐在前面的我, 只好举手...我回答说, "要爱邻舍如同自己"(当然,英文版的-我教授是马来人)...教授说,"说的好!" 然后她又重复几次...一个朋友, 送给我一个微笑...这个朋友常常都鼓励我的...我心里悄悄的说, "感谢主, 愿一切荣耀都归给您..."

其实,昨天SPM 成绩出了, 又让我想起两年前我的成绩...可是, 今天的事, 让我跟天父说, "谢谢您把我放在这间大学, 这里, 他们看重信仰多过其他的..." 在这里, 我们也有学怎样要装备自己 for disaster relief...可以算是装备自己吗?

今天,在CST class 里我们学history taking...教授也分享了她在医院里的经验。说到做医生,我真的越来越怕。。。我真的真的想做医生吗? 答案是。。。密密。。。我去年七月开始,为了回应神的爱,以跟天父说了,我的命是你给的,这世上的一切都是您的。。。您请便吧 :)

我靠著那加給我力量的、凡事都能作。 (腓4:12-13)

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Start losing friends

Yes, I am start losing my best friend. She is in Faculty of Pharmacy and always have her free time. In the other hands, I was always busy with my exams and loads of group discussions... Ya, we are getting further and further. It's true wats Dr. Hamidah told, "Taking medic, u will start losing ur friends (from other faculty) because they can always enjoy their outing but u don't..". She always ask me to join her but it's hard..our timetable are different. Very sorry to her but hopefully she can understand my situation..If no, then the relationship is getting more and more brittle...

我们的"相遇", 是你的麻烦或鼓励呢?

Ok...So how am i today? Well~ Everything goes on smoothly, thanks God for everything. Ok, gonna share something which I assumed it is "WEIRD". Like this, I met this person A, she has a very good profession, a full-time God's workers. I was inspired by her first sermon and everytime I heard her story from my mum. Everytime when I was facing the down pour of my life, my mum always used her as an example, so, meaning that she keeps on inspiring me without her knowledge. I like the way she carried out her work, the way she organize and I think she is very very close to the Sunday's school kids... One word for her: "Awesome". And I do care people, sometimes I did listen pros and cons about her as well but who doesn't have weakness? It must be an alien in that case ;)

Now she is no longer in Sibu. She was transfered to a place, I guess to one of the planet, Mars due to her job. I have never been there and I have no idea how is the place looking like. Everytime I make a vow, wanting to stop contacting with her...

but then..ok listen to this first. Once, I was thinking of stop contacting her because she will have other people to taking care of her, but at the same times also my mum brought me some news about her adapting with her new place. Still I harden my heart, don't want to message her. I asked from God to let me be BUSY so that I may not thinking of her and seriusly, that week, I was so busy until I could hardly breath.

2nd time, I keep on thinking how was her there at Mars...and that night also, I dreamt her. Wow~ I was so scared!! Is there anything happened to her. On the next day, when I guess she will be free during that time, I quickly send a text message to her, asking how was she doing. Ya, she give me a short reply and I reply her back. But I dun know wat to write and at last just bluff on something and that turned out to be an unreplied message.

3rd time, last night, I was thinking of.."Ok then, I am gonna stop all this scenario. Why do I need to care so much about her? I was not even close to her, so why worry. Maybe it's better for me others. Ya, Im gonna stop this time... No more thinking how's her life...Is she alright(because there is once she fainted in the church and I was worried on her health condition, and she has a family cancer history, though I dun know wat type of cancer is that)...can she adapt or how's her mother's conditions? Enough! But then, was last night when I got a phone call from my mum again telling her recent life in Mars. Oh no! It was terrible... I slept in tears, thinking of why they transfer her ALONE to such a rural area....

What can I do? Nothing? But,
I am wearing spectacles, but I can't see wats her recent condition..
I have mouth, but I didn't have courage to call her.....
I have a pair of ears, but I always heard news on her...
How I wish I don't!!! Because it is sad to hear something, which you couldn't help in the same time...

The only thing I can do for her is praying for her everyday...wishing her all d best to her and may God let her go through all this...

It's using up my 1 hours to write all this crap!! How I wish I never met her..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Systematic Theology

Yeah! so happy, I've got d book! "Systematic Theology", written by Wayne Grudem (^^)V
Bought this buk with my angpau money..I bought one chinese version for my friend as well for her birthday present :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010






Making a difference

This is really a good movie, really impacting me. Make me think of some of my Sunday's school children. Really miss them a lot!! Hope to inspire them to make a difference... 20 days left to go back to Sibu!

Last week!!

I don't know how come suddenly I became so hot tempered.. I will get irritated very easily... Maybe it's because I was too tired and busy with studies and presentations. I have been so unorganized for last week(exactly leading a cockroach life) and did not really sit down and have my daily devotional time. I guess, I have to seek forgiveness from God and change, yes! Starting today! I dun want to be so hot tempered, pity my friends because I can get out of control easily last 2 weeks. Perhaps, I have to sit down quietly and reflect what happen to me.