Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Those who hold their tongue are WISE!

People will easily blurt out rude words when they are angry or mad at something. I am not saying that all of us, but at least there are some of us who act like that. Now in the era of modernization, we have Facebook, twitter, myspace and with the aid of iPhone and iPad plus WiFi is available everywhere, it is so easily for us to post anything on the Internet (so called world without borders). It's just on our fingertips!

I realized, some people like to post their anger on the Internet, especially in the Facebook. I was wondering, what is their purpose? Is it that they want their enemy to know what they are thinking? Everyone have their own perspective so for me that is ok because I do not deny that sometimes we will feel better after we blurt out everything in public. However, what I matter most is the wordings you are using when you simply post out your anger on the Facebook with rude words. For me that reflect what type of person you are. What is making me more heart-breaking is that when the people I knew is a Christian. It really give a very bad impression to others especially to the non-Christian.

What did the bible say about this? "When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." (proverbs 10:19, NIV)

Just a short sharing of mine, do you wan to listen to a story? ;)

There are many times, when I was angry, I felt like I want to go in front of that particular person who made me angry and explode in front of him or she. Or, I will want to curse or just send a very rude message to that person! However, I will try my very best to cool down for a while and really try hard to hold my tongue so that I won't explode. I am not 100% successful all the time but seriously I tell you, I am trying my best, with the help of God and yes, I did improve a lot. My conflict will end up by a peaceful confrontation and this always lead to a happy ending. Many times, it was just a misunderstanding between friends! How precious is a friendship for me, and how wonderful it is for me to save a friendship from the misunderstandings.

Even when I am angry and want to blurt it out in the Facebook, I always write it in a good and polite way which others may think it was just another wall post from Evelyn. Hence, I can be more comfortable after writing out something whereby at the same time others might not notice that I was in anger. It was a happy ending!

Actually my idea of writing this is when I saw someone which I assumed she is highly educated in religion wrote some silly stuff on her Facebook. I am not here to critics others, but to learn from the lessons and have a reflection on myself. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Entering clinical years (First week in surgery posting)

Just finished my one week orientation and one week surgery orientation in Putrajaya Resource Centre, one day in Putrajaya Hospital with Mr. Hazem and one night in hospital with awesome seniors.

Wow! Last Wednesday, after Mr. Hazem (worked as a surgeon in Kapit for 7 years!! WOW!) give us a short briefing, he wanted a few volunteers to clerk a patient in ward XX. I asked alia and at the same time Mira asked Alia too if she wants to go. At last, 3 of us go together to  clerk the patient. On the way to the ward, I was afraid that I couldn't contribute much during the history taking.

Upon arriving the ward no. XX, excited Sanguine Mira just approached the patient, introducing herself in Malay. Unfortunately and to our surprise, the patient is a chinese who couldn't speak in Malay or English. So, I was there to translate and Mira and Alia was asking and joting down the important information given by the patient. Also, in between, i added in a little bit on some questions besides those in checklist (for the purpose to know more about patient and to build the rapport). This is because, the patient was surprised by our presence and he is an elderly so I guess I better make it more natural and in my heart, every minute, I prayed that he will not get bored and refused to continue answering our questionsssssss!!!!

When we were done, Amira went to the seminar room and invited the lecturer, Mr. Hazem and our friends to the ward for our case presentation. Alia presented the case.

Although there are lots of lacking in our history taking, but it is really a wonderful experience. Dr. Hazian was right, practice makes perfect. So lesson to myself, I must practice MORE.

And last night, this was a last minute planning, we requested some seniors to come and help us in hospital Putrajaya. Nabilah and Amal came! We just chat and shared some of their experiences when they were in 3rd year. Both of them are so cool and I was really touched by them for their willingness to come and helped us! Their good works helped 7 of us, and may both of them be blessed for their good deeds. We can't clerk or do PE on any patient since all of them are sleeping.

Alia and I went to see the patient that we clerked day before, we knew he had his surgery that morning. However, he was sleeping but then gratefully, Alia and I got a chance to clerk a patient, also in that ward. It was really funny for two of us, we went in and out of the ward for several times, walking into the same there, standing beside, helping nurse to push a chair...this is our first time going into the hospital after hospital hour with white coat, scared to approach the patient doubting is it ok to approach them at this time? When we approached XXX, his wife was so kind and offered us seats and after introducing ourself, we carried on with the history taking!

I was really thankful to God, for the chances He gave, awesome surgery lecturers (will explore more as I go on the surgery posting), for the cooperative patients (so far i met 2 already), for the cool and helpful seniors (Nab, Amal and Charlotte) and above all, for friends who are so enthusiasted to learn more and always kept me motivated (Alia Nadhirah, Amira) and all the group 2 members, so far the group dynamic was very good!

I was migrain last night before i went to the hospital with seniors, but then, learning in the hospital and seeing patient took away my migrain. Luckily, I love medicine :) I will study more and learn more for the benefits of the patients. When what u are doing is your cup of tea, you will enjoy it without knowing what is tiredness! XD

In clinical years: Do not wait for invitation! Go and learn :) -from our course coordinator, Mr. Ahmed Awil Adam

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meeting and parting is the norm

I am entering the clinical year tomorrow!! The second phase for a medical student.  Wow! Times go on so fast and I can't really feel that I am getting older and older. Leaving the beginning and approaching the ending. However, I will be starting to learn from patient! Learn in the wards! How amazing is that? Contented, scared, excited, humbled, start dreaming, start planning and start setting my goals although it is not yet a new year!

But then, I am really sad to leave my friends. We, the large group have been divided into a group of 28 and we will further be divided into two. Yes, definitely I will missed my friends,

Hassy- the one I always share, help me academically, spoiled me and discuss problems with me

Alina- the one who always help me in academic and she is very helpful and kind too! (know her and you will know!) Glad to know her!

Fiera- my housemate and it is awesome to go shopping or dating with her, be with her will always make u laugh!

Aqilah- this is really a good friend! Although one year younger than me, but her advice is so mature, something that you will never expect from someone younger than you!

Salman- the one who always encourages, uplift my spirit and also giving me advice, always think of others welfare before his!

my old group m12- really happy been one year with them, also, my super cool mentor= Dr. Amal

Arina- know her just recently, a few months ago, the one who never make a decision for me, but lead me to a correct path when I am facing the downfall, she is the one who always taught me to be optimistic person

Harmeet- the one I share and always help me academically

Basirah- the one who always wish me luck before my weekly assessment, I will be waiting actually everytime before the exam!

Anis Sofia- Sitting beside with her in the class and sharing the knowledge. It is great to see her enthusiasm in studying and asking question to lecturers!

and many more! I can't list down all the blessings in a night!

Tomorrow is the white coat ceremony and after that all of us will be separated all over HPJ, Hosp Terendak, Hosp Serdang and Hosp Sri Manjung. Hmm....I realy wish them all the very best.

What to do? Meeting and parting is the norm in this world. I have to leave something in order to accomplish more. But then, their name will never leave my heart. They are a group of my awesome friends :) It's ok! Not that I won't see them again!

p/s I wrote this down so that I will never forget their GOOD DEED. Everyone is important, I didn't put their according to their specialty, for me, all of them are GOOD!