Tuesday, July 3, 2012


You can't gain knowledge without practical experience (common saying); wisdom only comes with experience. So, tonight was a great experience for me! Or else, I will never know there is a dark side serving in the church....
Instead of talking about the dark side, I would prefer to pray for them. It is true that when you saw certain people serving actively in the church, you will see them in awe and wow! And then, you will give thanks to God for having such a wonderful person in the church. However, sometimes, when something happened in front of you will make, something not so WOW! It will make you break down, can't accept it and keep asking "why?" to God. I am not sure about you but that's what happened to me tonight. But don't you know that it is more heart broken to God as well. What can I do? I almost burst into anger but of course it will end up as a fight in the church and I can't act so immature B-) So, I preferred to keep quiet and pray for the fellow. God, please help her and please help me as well..

It was great to study in Penang from Form 1 until Form 5. It was really great. I gained ample experience but I always consider it a great loss for me spiritually. It was a dark age for me coz, erm... just imagine I missed the youth fellowship. I am living like a wild weeds, quotes and unquotes...spiritually. I enjoyed to the max, life without knowing the true meaning of Christian. Perhaps, a little bit knowledge from my Sunday school learning.. ;) *wink wink.. thanks a lot to my Sunday school teacher, aunty Ma Nar for guiding me before I went to Penang and also when I am in Penang. However, God will always has a better plan than Man. So, it's ok not to have the youth fellowship after all.. I thought it was a great loss to leave Sibu because I can't serve in my mother church. Doctor, so what?? What I matter most is serving in the church! But then, as for now, after seeing what happened, it's ok then! And I believe God has better plan for me..

Therefore.. 今晚,我才发现十年前我做的决定,不值得我去后悔。感谢主!Thanks God, tonight only I realized, I do not have to regret on the decision which I made 10 years ago :') I believe that the bible teaches the right things, but not all the people who walk in and out of the church is perfect XD  Now I can take it...If 10 years ago, maybe I might leave the church if I see those things happened to the church. A very good friend of mine, Yu Yin told me, if you look at the people around you, you may fall with them, but if you fix your eyes upon God, then you will stand firm. Thank you for the great advice, Yu Yin :D But then, including me, myself.. I have lots of shortcoming as well. 加油,利翩 :D