Thursday, February 18, 2010

After Chinese New Year~

Wow~ Now I was back in Cyberjaya. Time just went on so fast. Many things happened a few days ago, because it's Chinese New Year!! As usual, there will be no one visiting my house on the first day. Thx Lu Yi, Bi Zhi, Olivia and Yu Yin, coming to fetch me to join them to go "Bai Nian" :) There is one lesson that I learnt this time, which is "Try to mix around more with people from different background and you will start learn how to be grateful with what you have now..." Overall, really thx to four of them, giving me a new experience and wonderful time, because, before this, as my mum won't allow me to drive, I always go "Bai Nian" with my family..(^_^") which makes me feel that I was still a kid..haha..I enjoyed as well joining the CCF's tuan bai.. thx Melinda @ Ting Ting for inviting me (^^)

FYI, this time around I really don't want to come back to Cyberjaya. Everyday I will be going through the same routine. The most stressful time is of course on THURSDAY because I am having an exam every FRIDAY! Is this what they said a medical student's life? Huh! Then I will say that it's terrible. And now it's the seventh month I am a medical student, and it was like -NO WAYS- for me to give up. So, I always keep reminding myself of my grandma, grandpa and parents. I guess they are the one who are the most happiest to know that I want to study medic @_@ However, one thing that I know, I, myself have to make things happening! Though it is quite tired study in this field... I still have an army of friends, very supportive friends...we are all fighting together!!! There are still laughters in a stressful situations... Really thx to Aqi, Mira, Kartik, Harmeet and all my housemates, for being very caring, supportive and humorous! Haha...

And this MORNING!!! I have to come back to Cyberjaya...Oh No!I was so sad, still searching for air ticket because my mum said if there is Monday's flight ticket, I can come back to Cyberjaya on Monday!! But, unfortunately, there are no more seats available...Oh ya..I forgot to check the airasia flight ticket. However, something happened! I helped my brother to do some research on his project and just as I need to e-mail the info to his e-mail, something caught my eyes while I was deleting tons of my e-mails. I received an e-mail from Rev. Grace Wongon 30th Jan. Maybe I was too busy at that time and didn't realize that. Just one sentence from her concerns, enough to encourage me to continue to move on..加油,利翩。。。不要放弃!!!Have to spend the rest of my days doing homework

Actually this time, I wish to go to Bintangor to visit someone, but unreachable, as my mum didn't let me drive even from my house to Sing Kwong. I guess my mum will fainted if she heard that I want to drive to Bintangor (^_^")