Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank you for your supports!

2011 will end in less than an hour yet I still owed those who donated during my 21st birthday for cleft lip children a reply from Operation Smile.  

Thank you very much for the donation and the supports. To know the amount that I had collected, you can find it here.We can't actually know which child we are helping because all the money will be directed to the fund and the volunteers from Operation Smile are doing the surgeries at one go whereby there will be lots of patients in one mission. Hence, it's difficult to track back which child we are helping with the amount that we had donated.  

 An email from a person whom I was contacting with all this while, 

Hello Evelyn,

I just received confirmation that the donation came through on October 26th. Thank you again for your support of Operation Smile.

Shannon Donovan

An email on 23rd Nov, 2011.

"Dear Evelyn,

As Kathy and I prepare to spend time with our loved ones this holiday season, we are reminded of the care and commitment of friends like you who have helped change the lives of so many children around the world.

Children, like Luis from Honduras, who will never know your name, but will never forget your generosity.

As you gather around the Thanksgiving table and reflect on your blessings, I hope you can imagine hearing the voices of children and parents saying:

"Thank you for changing our lives."

Please watch this special video so you can see for yourself how grateful we all are for your support.

On behalf of Kathy and our family here at Operation Smile, we send warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.
Bill's Signature
Dr. Bill Magee
Co-founder and Executive Chairman

P.S We hope you are inspired to share this special video by forwarding this e-mail to family and friends or posting it on Facebook and Twitter."

From me: Really, thank you very much for helping those children. Altogether, we had supported two child with cleft lip to undergo the surgery :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pediatric Posting (Pre, Posting and Post)

     Not much to share :) I have never been through Internal Medicine Posting yet, but I heard most of the seniors said that pediatric posting is actually same as internal medicine, just that now we are dealing with the kids! The only additional thing is neotanalogy. In pediatric posting, you are also expected to know some neonatal disorders for example neonatal jaundice and you can find this a lot in HPJ.

     Besides, you may need toys to attract kids. Trust me, communicate well with the kids and you will rewarded with precious opportunities to practice physical examination on them. As for me, I love to perform magic tricks in front of them, some mothers will be entertained as well and this is when you need to grab this chance to take a complete history from the mother. ;) My experience: There was once I entertained the mother with the magic tricks and I got the chance to hear the murmur that her daughter has! So :) pls know how to build the rapport! Equip yourself with TOYS!

1. Pre-posting preparation:

To know what book you might need to use during the pediatric posting, you can visit here. It is a sharing about books for pediatric posting. You can also download ebooks from there. Don't forget to print out or photostat the normal child development assessment table in Malaysia Paediatric Protocol page 12 and 13. You can print it in multiple pages per sheet so that it is smaller and then laminate it. It is very helpful when you take the developmental history of a child. I made a clerking template based on the lecture's notes. You can have it here.

2. Posting:

In HPJ, the rate of discharge is not as fast as Hospital Manjung so if you had already finish clerking your beds (in average each of you will get 2 beds), try to ask permission from your friends and if your friends allow you to clerk their patients, just go ahead. Do not forget, please ask their PERMISSION first before you simply clerk their patients.

In HSM, the rate of discharge is quick fast except those patients in HDU (High Dependency Unit). Those in HDU are under intensive care. Normally you will get interesting cases in HDU, and please share the cases with your friends.


  • try your best to follow the ward rounds with medical officers, not the specialists. Preferably at night. During the night rounds, they will only go and check some critical cases only. I always followed the night rounds and I met a very good MO, whereby he will always let me auscultate the patients and ask me to present the findings. Also, sometimes, he will ask some questions during his rounds and you need to find out the answer. This is when learning is fun, just ask your lecturers or MO whenever you are not sure of anything.
  • On every Tuesday and Thursday, there will be a numbers of kids suffering from thalassaemia who will come to have their regular blood transfusion. Normally they are asymptomatic but grab this opportunity to clerk them as well. However, when there are newly admitted thalassaemia cases in the wards besides Tuesday and Thursday, it means that the kids are admitted to the hospital with several postive signs and symptoms for example like pallor, dizziness and so on. Clerk the patient!!  This is what the HO told me.
  • There will be lots of dengue cases in the wards. You can get a very useful reference from WHO here.

3. Post-preparation:

     Basically you will be busy preparing for your end-of-posting clinical exam. What I did was I used In A Page Pediatrics and also Pediatric Protocol (the green book) for my revision. Make sure you really know the common diseases and also the management. Learn the management from the green protocol book. Do the group discussion as group discussion helped me a lot in my theory part after performing the history taking and physical examination during the clinical exam.

p/s: email me at if u want the pdf. copy of Malaysia Paediatric Protocol. I will email it to u, sorry, I haven't repair the broken link.

Introducing books for Pediatrics Posting:


A must have for those who are doing pediatric posting in Malaysia Governement Hospital. Basically it is a book of guidelines mostly on management for the governement hospitals all over Malaysia. And doing pediatric posting in CUCMS, the lecturers expect us to know some outlines of management for our case presentation or case write up. Hence, this book is really helpful. Unfortunately you can't buy this book from Kamal Bookstore. You can download the pdf file here.

In A Page Pediatrics
     I found out this book, at the 7th week posting. It was late but then I can tell you, this book is really wrth buying. For the clinical exam preparation, I read this book plus the Pediatric Protocol, the green book that I introduced above. I will share more about my preparation for my exam in the Pediatric Posting sharing. Of course not all the information was available in this book but then this book comprise of most of the common cases and for every diseases, it has the epidemiology, signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, lab investigations, management and also the prognosis. I really make full use of this book. Whenever I found any additional information in Nelson or Essential Pediatrics by OP Ghai, I will write it in this book. For me, this is also a must have.

Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics
      I bought this book. People call it SUNFLOWER. I like the classification for hematological disorders in children, meningitis, the pictures of types of rashes, neonatal jaundice, nutrition and normal development for children in this book. :) Dr. Rosman love to use this book!

Nelson Essential of Pediatrics

GHAI Essential Pediatrics
     I suggested that you can borrow this two books from the library. That is what I did. Nelson is good but it is really thick. So as Dr. Azlina suggested to us, read only the points in the table form. Those are all the important points. Seriously, I love to read tables in Nelson as compared to Ghai Essential Pediatrics. It helps! It is really informative!

      If Dr. Rosman will suggest you the Illustrated Textbook for Pediatrics, Dr. Azlina will prefer you to use Ghai Essential Pediatrics. However, up to you which want you prefer! As for me, I love the In A Page Pediatrics, the green Protocol plus reading up the tabulated points form in Nelson. :D By the way, Ghai Essential Pediatrics is the only textbook that has some explainations on dengue hemorrhagic fever. :)

*p/s. if you found any broken links, please kindly email me at to request the ebooks or the pdf. files. :) Hope this piece of information helps!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I love Manjung..

Hospital Manjung is really awesome. I fell in love with this place. Not only the patients here are polite, the staff nurses, sister, HO, MO and the specialist here are so nice. Seriously if u are so passionate to learn here, the housemen, medical officers are so willing to help you. Every night, I will follow the ward round. Yesterday, I met this MO, Dr. Brandon...he was really nice to the kids. Besides, after examining his patients, he will let us auscultate those kids and tell him the findings. He also told one of the patient's mum that he was once a medi al student also, and because of the patients allowed him to clerk them and learn, he can become a doctor today. That really touched me because he understand us, the medical student...

After he examined the kids, he will hug the kids and give a signal to my friend and I, to auscultate the kids immediately before the kids started to cry. He really look into the patient's eyes. Most of the doctor will only go to the patient, examine and leave but so far there are 3 doctors that I have seen, who really treat the patient as a whole...Mr. Ahmed Awil Adam, Dr. Zahirah and now, Dr. Brandon. Seeing the way Dr. Brandon treat the patient, I was so inspired. Last night, before leaving the ward, I saw there are a few kids who cried and they looked so depressing. I go to them, and performed some magic tricks. They smiled and I was so contented. In the ward, it was so depressing, hence, besides clerking patient and doing physical examination, I felt the needs to make them happy ans smile!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

History taking and PE for a lump

History taking:
1. When  was the lump first noticed?
2. What made the patient notice the lump?
3. What are the symptoms of the lump?
4. Has the lump changed since it was first noticed?
5. Does the lump eber disappear?
6. Has the patient ever had any other lumps?
7. What does the patient think caused the lump?

Physical Examination:
1. Local examination
  • site
  • size
  • shape
  • surface
  • depth
  • colour
  • temperature
  • tenderness
  • edge
  • composition
    • consistency
    • fluid thrill
    • fluctuation
    • transluscence
    • resonance
    • pulsatility
    • compressibility
    • bruit
  • reducibility
  • relations to surroundings structures - mobility/fixity
  • regional lymph glands
  • state oflocal tissues
    • arteries
    • nerves
    • bones and joints
*words in yellow = it's either solid, fluid or gas
*words in red = vascular

resource: BROWSE's introduction to The Symptoms and Signs of Surgical Disease
               page 29, 30

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The story of 3 friends

So here is a story of 3 friends who went to an island, where there is nobody else there.. :)

The adventurous 3 friends went to an island for fishing. When they reached the bolehland island, they realized that there are no one else there except 3 of them. For them it's ok, as long as they stay together all the time, they shouldn't be any problem.

Unfortunately, after 3 days staying there, they were out of food. They left only one more last boiled egg. Alice cut the egg into 3 parts they managed to share the egg and filled their empty stomach. At last, they decided to depart back home to Realityland, their hometown. Just before they leave, Beatrice just remembered that the main purpose that she went to the bolehland was to look for a type of plants called my hearto breakus sp. This type of plants can cure cancer patient. Amazing right? She asked Alice to accompanied her because she was afraid to walk alone at night. However, Catherine was a bit tired that day so she preferred to stay in the raft to wait for Alice and Beatrice until they came back later. Also, he did mentioned that she was afraid to stay alone. However egg can be broken into 3 parts but human being? I don't think so.

In the jungle, while looking for the plants, suddenly they heard a loud cry from the direction of the beach, and they knew it's Catherine's shouting. Hence, just like Doraemon, Alice had this teleporting machine. She took out and both Beatrice and Alice used the teleport device and appearred in front of Catherine. She looked so pale and frightened. At last, Alice made the decision to go back to Realityland. They will come back next time to look for the mystery and legendary plants, perhaps in four so that no one will be left alone ANYwhere!

In Bolehland, of course they can do anything they want to but then when they are back to Realityland, they was no such thing as teleporting machine. Human can only appear in a place at a time, and human will have to choose one and leave the rest. However, there are always solution, which is 3 of them can come to a conclusion and stay together.

In my diary, I didn't priortize anyone.. I give choices, it's up to you to choose.! And I will choose to stay with Beatrice (after my rational and logical reasoning), although I might love Catherine the most. She is strong outside but I just realized inside, she is not. She hide it. And sorry if I missed out anything, maybe I didn't get her message that she was afraid, and I know after this I need to understand her more. Hope our friendship last forever. So, what's next?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Those who hold their tongue are WISE!

People will easily blurt out rude words when they are angry or mad at something. I am not saying that all of us, but at least there are some of us who act like that. Now in the era of modernization, we have Facebook, twitter, myspace and with the aid of iPhone and iPad plus WiFi is available everywhere, it is so easily for us to post anything on the Internet (so called world without borders). It's just on our fingertips!

I realized, some people like to post their anger on the Internet, especially in the Facebook. I was wondering, what is their purpose? Is it that they want their enemy to know what they are thinking? Everyone have their own perspective so for me that is ok because I do not deny that sometimes we will feel better after we blurt out everything in public. However, what I matter most is the wordings you are using when you simply post out your anger on the Facebook with rude words. For me that reflect what type of person you are. What is making me more heart-breaking is that when the people I knew is a Christian. It really give a very bad impression to others especially to the non-Christian.

What did the bible say about this? "When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." (proverbs 10:19, NIV)

Just a short sharing of mine, do you wan to listen to a story? ;)

There are many times, when I was angry, I felt like I want to go in front of that particular person who made me angry and explode in front of him or she. Or, I will want to curse or just send a very rude message to that person! However, I will try my very best to cool down for a while and really try hard to hold my tongue so that I won't explode. I am not 100% successful all the time but seriously I tell you, I am trying my best, with the help of God and yes, I did improve a lot. My conflict will end up by a peaceful confrontation and this always lead to a happy ending. Many times, it was just a misunderstanding between friends! How precious is a friendship for me, and how wonderful it is for me to save a friendship from the misunderstandings.

Even when I am angry and want to blurt it out in the Facebook, I always write it in a good and polite way which others may think it was just another wall post from Evelyn. Hence, I can be more comfortable after writing out something whereby at the same time others might not notice that I was in anger. It was a happy ending!

Actually my idea of writing this is when I saw someone which I assumed she is highly educated in religion wrote some silly stuff on her Facebook. I am not here to critics others, but to learn from the lessons and have a reflection on myself. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Entering clinical years (First week in surgery posting)

Just finished my one week orientation and one week surgery orientation in Putrajaya Resource Centre, one day in Putrajaya Hospital with Mr. Hazem and one night in hospital with awesome seniors.

Wow! Last Wednesday, after Mr. Hazem (worked as a surgeon in Kapit for 7 years!! WOW!) give us a short briefing, he wanted a few volunteers to clerk a patient in ward XX. I asked alia and at the same time Mira asked Alia too if she wants to go. At last, 3 of us go together to  clerk the patient. On the way to the ward, I was afraid that I couldn't contribute much during the history taking.

Upon arriving the ward no. XX, excited Sanguine Mira just approached the patient, introducing herself in Malay. Unfortunately and to our surprise, the patient is a chinese who couldn't speak in Malay or English. So, I was there to translate and Mira and Alia was asking and joting down the important information given by the patient. Also, in between, i added in a little bit on some questions besides those in checklist (for the purpose to know more about patient and to build the rapport). This is because, the patient was surprised by our presence and he is an elderly so I guess I better make it more natural and in my heart, every minute, I prayed that he will not get bored and refused to continue answering our questionsssssss!!!!

When we were done, Amira went to the seminar room and invited the lecturer, Mr. Hazem and our friends to the ward for our case presentation. Alia presented the case.

Although there are lots of lacking in our history taking, but it is really a wonderful experience. Dr. Hazian was right, practice makes perfect. So lesson to myself, I must practice MORE.

And last night, this was a last minute planning, we requested some seniors to come and help us in hospital Putrajaya. Nabilah and Amal came! We just chat and shared some of their experiences when they were in 3rd year. Both of them are so cool and I was really touched by them for their willingness to come and helped us! Their good works helped 7 of us, and may both of them be blessed for their good deeds. We can't clerk or do PE on any patient since all of them are sleeping.

Alia and I went to see the patient that we clerked day before, we knew he had his surgery that morning. However, he was sleeping but then gratefully, Alia and I got a chance to clerk a patient, also in that ward. It was really funny for two of us, we went in and out of the ward for several times, walking into the same there, standing beside, helping nurse to push a chair...this is our first time going into the hospital after hospital hour with white coat, scared to approach the patient doubting is it ok to approach them at this time? When we approached XXX, his wife was so kind and offered us seats and after introducing ourself, we carried on with the history taking!

I was really thankful to God, for the chances He gave, awesome surgery lecturers (will explore more as I go on the surgery posting), for the cooperative patients (so far i met 2 already), for the cool and helpful seniors (Nab, Amal and Charlotte) and above all, for friends who are so enthusiasted to learn more and always kept me motivated (Alia Nadhirah, Amira) and all the group 2 members, so far the group dynamic was very good!

I was migrain last night before i went to the hospital with seniors, but then, learning in the hospital and seeing patient took away my migrain. Luckily, I love medicine :) I will study more and learn more for the benefits of the patients. When what u are doing is your cup of tea, you will enjoy it without knowing what is tiredness! XD

In clinical years: Do not wait for invitation! Go and learn :) -from our course coordinator, Mr. Ahmed Awil Adam

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meeting and parting is the norm

I am entering the clinical year tomorrow!! The second phase for a medical student.  Wow! Times go on so fast and I can't really feel that I am getting older and older. Leaving the beginning and approaching the ending. However, I will be starting to learn from patient! Learn in the wards! How amazing is that? Contented, scared, excited, humbled, start dreaming, start planning and start setting my goals although it is not yet a new year!

But then, I am really sad to leave my friends. We, the large group have been divided into a group of 28 and we will further be divided into two. Yes, definitely I will missed my friends,

Hassy- the one I always share, help me academically, spoiled me and discuss problems with me

Alina- the one who always help me in academic and she is very helpful and kind too! (know her and you will know!) Glad to know her!

Fiera- my housemate and it is awesome to go shopping or dating with her, be with her will always make u laugh!

Aqilah- this is really a good friend! Although one year younger than me, but her advice is so mature, something that you will never expect from someone younger than you!

Salman- the one who always encourages, uplift my spirit and also giving me advice, always think of others welfare before his!

my old group m12- really happy been one year with them, also, my super cool mentor= Dr. Amal

Arina- know her just recently, a few months ago, the one who never make a decision for me, but lead me to a correct path when I am facing the downfall, she is the one who always taught me to be optimistic person

Harmeet- the one I share and always help me academically

Basirah- the one who always wish me luck before my weekly assessment, I will be waiting actually everytime before the exam!

Anis Sofia- Sitting beside with her in the class and sharing the knowledge. It is great to see her enthusiasm in studying and asking question to lecturers!

and many more! I can't list down all the blessings in a night!

Tomorrow is the white coat ceremony and after that all of us will be separated all over HPJ, Hosp Terendak, Hosp Serdang and Hosp Sri Manjung. Hmm....I realy wish them all the very best.

What to do? Meeting and parting is the norm in this world. I have to leave something in order to accomplish more. But then, their name will never leave my heart. They are a group of my awesome friends :) It's ok! Not that I won't see them again!

p/s I wrote this down so that I will never forget their GOOD DEED. Everyone is important, I didn't put their according to their specialty, for me, all of them are GOOD!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank you from ME.. :)

Just as I was thinking of all my desires, for e.g. things I wanted to buy but it is not a MUST HAVE things, I suddenly remembered that I haven't summarized up my birthday fund-raising project! The total amount of fund raised for my 21st birthday was RM 1354.50. I thanks God for you, those who had donated, those who helped to spread the words and YOU who are following my 21st birthday project through my blog, because I am sure now you are aware of what is cleft lips and cleft palates.

Thank you to all those who had donated and helped to spread the words. I am still waiting for a few friends of mine who promised to give me the money by hand when I go back to KL. However, with the current amount, we can give a free surgery to a child and also some medications. I will further update you guys once I sent the money to Operation Smile. I will make everything transparent and accountable to donors through updates. You can also ask me any questions and I will entertain you :)

I was really touched by my 8 years old cousin, Ryan, he accompanied me when I was making the video of "21 years blessed to bless others". Later, he took out SGD0.40 from his moneybox and donated, he said he wanted to donate RM1.00 to help those kids! I was touched by his act!

Again thanks for lending a hand in making the difference. The kids need your help. Because there are people like YOU who care about them, the simple act of you will definitely put a smile on their face. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for giving them a surgery for a life time of SMILES. Together, we can make this world a better place to live. You may say that I m a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday u will join me, to make this world a better place.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blessed to bless :)


16th of July which is my 21st birthday and I would like to turn my birthday into a special fundraiser. This is my personal project to help those who are less fortunate in the effort to make a difference to change the world. It will be going on from 16th - 26th july. If you do plan to give me a gift, I would like you to consider donating to help those kids. All the money will 100% go directly to the Operation Smile. With an amount of RM719, Operation Smile medical team can provide a 45 minutes cleft lip or cleft palate surgery which can change a child's life forever. Just imagine, they can eat, talk, laugh like the other children. Pls do not feel obliged to donate, you can also help by spreading the words and let more people know about what is cleft lip and cleft palate. A simple act of yours can make a big difference!

For more sharing, click on:
Blessed to Bless others (ENGLISH VERSION)

Current amount of donation until 24th July 2011: RM 1354.50 :) 2 more days to go..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

What is a cleft lip and cleft palate?

A cleft is an opening in the lip, the roof of the mouth or the soft tissue in the back of the mouth. A cleft lip may be accompanied by an opening in the bones of the upper jaw and/or the upper gum. A cleft palate occurs when the two sides of a palate do not join together, resulting in an opening in the roof of the mouth. A cleft lip and palate can occur on one side or both sides. A child can suffer from a cleft lip, a clef palate or both.

What causes clefting?

The exact cause is unknown. Cleft lips and cleft palates are congenital defects that occur early in embryonic development. Scientists believe a combination of genetic and environmental factors, such as maternal illness, drugs or malnutrition, may lead to a cleft lip or cleft palate. If one child in a family is born with a cleft, the risk increases by 2 to 4 percent that the future children in the family will suffer from the same defect.

How frequently do cleft lips and cleft palates occur?

Cleft lip and/or palate occurs in approximately 1 per 500 - 700 births, the ratio verying considerably across geographic areas or ethnic groupings. (WHO International Collaborative Research on Craniofacial Anomalies)

Does a cleft lip or cleft palate cause problems for a child?

Ear disease and dental problems occur frequently, as do problems with proper speech development. Children who suffer from a cleft lip and/or cleft palate may have difficulty in eating. To address these issues, a child and family may work with a team of specialists - a pediatrician, a plastic surgeon, dental specialists, an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist), a speech-language pathologist and audiologist, a geneticist and a psychologist/social worker.

Can clefting be prevented?

Scientists are researching methods to prevent cleft lips and cleft palates. One findings, according to research studies, is that mothers who take multivitamins containing folic acid before conception and during the first two months of pregnancy may reduce the risk of giving birth to a baby with cleft.

Can cleft lips and cleft palates be repaired?

Yes. Surgery provides excellent results. A pediatrician and a plastic surgeon work with a child's parents to choose the best timing for surgery. Most surgeons agree that a cleft lip should be repaired by the time a baby is 3 months old. To repair the partition of mouth and nose as early as possible, a cleft palate generally is repaired between the ages of 12 and 18 months. Any surgical procedure is dependent upon a child's general health and the nature of the cleft lip or cleft palate.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Facing crisis

"We often react in the wrong way when we face opposition or crisis. We can overcome overcautious, as the following responses show: "I will never witness in hostile surroundings again." "I will never suggest a radical departure from the norm again." "Maybe I should resign." Sometimes, we are overly aggressive in our responses. When we face any crisis, we really need the wisdom and boldness that comes from the Spirit." -Ajith Fernando in the book entitled Jesus Driven Ministry.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pro Exam 1 experience :)

I passed my Professional Exam 1. Yes, I am happy, but what matter most is I've gone through a very tough experience and I successfully withstand until everything is over ^^ Thanks God for the strength that He gave me.

I admitted, I had been overprotected since I was young, and even when I entered secondary school, everything is still fine. I am the only chinese in my batch and I get along with them very well and happy. I really enjoyed with them, all my friends in secondary school. Every time when there's racism issues, i will definitely stand up and say no! That do not happen in Malaysia and I will give them my long reasoning based on my experiences.

However, things aren't wonderful all the times, people make mistakes and it really affected me a lot. One of my best friend told me, "Evie, welcome to the real world." Yes, I could not tolerate with some sensitive issue, for example like not sure does this word actually exist or not. It took me nearly 1 or 2 weeks to accept the scenario, with tears but I am grateful because there's some friends around me who are very supportive. Because we went through the same thing. It's hard.

The lessons that I learnt from the incident are:
a) Do not be like them. I accept the whole incident, and it is a very good reminder for myself to never ever be like them, but I do not agree with what they did. We can never tolerate with darkness, and I strongly believe, it is not me to punish, God is just :)

b) In the beginning, I kept asking Hasvini why why and why... But at last I realized I should move on and stop thinking many unnecessary negative thoughts, it's wasting of time. I am not righteous to judge the others, I have to take the lessons and do not repeat the same thing as what they've done.

c) Group discussion. Seriously been in a group discussion is fun. It helped me to reduce my stress and I was less nervous when I was with them. Friends' support... I really enjoyed the time that we spent together.

Everything happens for reason. I will say that I had become stronger now! Life ain't easy...but we can choose to live happily!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Negative thought is bad :)

There is one infective disease that is contagious nowadays! In other words, it's a communicable disease.. I believe a "negative thought" will always come to us first, in most of the situation. Why do I say it is contagious? Because the negative thought of us may sometimes influence others to have a bad perception on another person. But then please dun answer this in the medical exam when the question ask you to list down the example of contagious disease. U will get big fat zero :)

Just a short sharing, recently, I have this problem, I had a very negative thought on a friend of mine. I was a little upset on how she treated me. I felt like she did not appreciate me. Then, what for I continued to do good to her? Then, why should I continued to treat her well? I started to become very moody to her, not too long. Only for a day and that is enough for me to feel that how bad am I and I shouldn't act in that way.

Fortunately, yesterday I have a chance to talk with one of my friend, Arina! She told me about this negative thought and positive thought of human. Always, in a any situation, the negative thought will come to us first. She said, she has this problem as well. She shared with me her story. Yes, I must resist this negative thought. After a long chat with her, I realized that positive thought shouldn't be 50% only. It should be 100%, directly come to us in whatever situation that we are facing, especially when it comes to our perception on others.
Arina said, instead of thinking that "the particular friend" do not care about you, why not think about her good? I answered her, "this is hard, and sometimes it is painful when u did something but people just ignore you." Arina replied, "the real love do not expect anything. Furthermore, we did it for God, we want the rewards from God, not on this earth." This is so true.. Lastly, Arina advised me, "cheerish the happy moment, leave the bad memory and continue to do what you are doing, continue to prepare her the dinner, continue to ask whether have she eaten..." :) Thanks Arina.. And she told me, this is how you practice to be stronger.

Things might be bitter to swallow, but I can if I want to. Trying my best to practice unconditional love. At least I know how Jesus felt when he was nailed on the cross. And yet, He said, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what are they doing." (Luke 23:34) Do I forgive others. Aren't God said, love your brother and sister?

On the day before I met Arina, I almost breakdown and bow down to anger. Luckily I successfully resist it and I didn't burst out. There is something that is not supposed to be handled by me but suddenly I have to settle all the remaining works. There is one time that I come to a point where I don't know what to do! Really stucked. Thanks God that Ammar and Fasihah come and help. At last, I was able to continue to join my group discussion, although at first I was like walking in and out of the room. Just that I lost my friend's pendrive :( There goes my money again, but it's ok. At first, I was a bit angry but thanks God, I cooled down and try to find a way to solve that problem. And throughout this incident, I learned how to bless the others in the midst of my stress. An achievement (^_^)v Praise the Lord, everything go on smoothly and today, I hope their trip to SMK Batu Laut is a successful one. I don't know the conflict in between, but I just do my job :) because I was committed to it already. But then after this the secretary job will be handled by Fasihah.

So you have read my sharing, few days ago I was really busy and emotional. A very supportive friend of mine, S texted me..."Evie, pls take care of ur feeling, we don't have time to lose to our mood anymore. Focus for our Pro Exam!" :) Thank you very much. Indeed, this message motivate me a lot. Pro Exam :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My funny best friend

My best friend is just so funny. Indescribable.. Speechless.. I don't even know how to face her when I am back to campus next week.. Her insensitivity just make me want to laugh or cry?? XD

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good day!!

Woke up early today... Drive to Masland Methodist Church for 5am morning prayer! At first I was so lazy to wake up, but then I knew, if I didn't go today, it will be the same for the next few days!

It really feels good to start our day with morning prayer.. There will be peace in you.. I like to be in there :) Where I spoke everything to God... and read His Words (the bible) :)

There is a peacefulness, that I can't describe.. I am happy dwelling in His sanctuary !

Friday, March 25, 2011

Learning from everyday experience! :)

Yesterday, something did happened. A day before my Public Health final exam. Someone told me something which I already known but then I back up that group of people. I really tried my best to defense them but then when two of my friends gave me lots of evidence, and they were like, "Evie,...wake up please.."

And only then, I realize... the feeling of been betrayed. However, I was happy, at least I knew the truth now. To him who initiate all this things, I will still respect you, but sorry, you who once inspire me, no longer inspire me ANYMORE! I am sorry. I had lose my heart against u guys..

All this experience help me to open my eyes and see the darkness in this world. Perhaps I will assume this is my learning process. I was not the only one who are affected, in fact I received the news calm and steady. Because in my heart, I keep reciting the words of God. (This is the importance of reading bible everyday XD)

I will start to write down all my bitter sweet experience somewhere, so that one day if I get the chance to talk to the people, I will use my own experience to share the testimony.

I like this, got from Alia's drawing, which sound like this, "Stop talking about Islam, show us or shut up!"

For me this is nice, I would like to change it this way: "Stop talking about Christianity, show us or shut up".
This remind me that not to boast or talk too much about Christianity, it's all about how I live out Christ-likeness in my daily life. A live testimony!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

One in a million!

Oh Lord, pls guide and help me to forgive myself and others

Tonight, when I know the truth, I really felt like I was stupid! I was cheated this few days. Aren't our friendship is strong enough to go through all those small misunderstandings?

I admitted it was my fault at the first place that I didn't keep my promise, but now when I know the truth, I was really disappointed.. Can the truth not be the truth? Pls.. I know, some people hated empty canned? Perhaps just let me know so that I can improve? Yes, this is my second time with you.. I know my deed is unforgivable, but then what even worst is that, I really don't know how to face you after this! Luckily I have the initiative to ask my other friends first, or else, tonight I would be like repeated stupid.. Ya, people change! Really cudn't accept that I have all this positive thoughts on you and it turn out to be another way. Real disappointment. It's painful also.

However, in this thing, i learn to not to depend on others. Maybe this is part of the learning process and this time, im not going to be de-motivated. I still have other caring friends, which I know they wudn't want to see my de-motivated attitude. Thank you. Suddenly, i miss my home..

Thanks God for the bitter sweet experience! I will treasure it. The more bitter life is yet to come, but I have God together with me. This is Only a little disappointment in millions of my happiness!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They aren't selfish in giving knowledge!

I was so happy. The day after tomorrow is final exam.. I don't know what happened to me this time around.. I felt like I want to go out all the time! I am lazy to study for the final exam.. My friends, Hasvini, Amira, Alia(She was worried), Aqi(as usual I know she will say this to me: Evie, let's score together and celebrate!), Basirah and Izati...You Siang and others.. everytime when I said that I was lazy, they will always asked me to study. Especially my roomates and Alia.. My roomates make sure that I do not go online for movies or even facebook! Alia, before she left me: "Vinie, call or msg me if Evie do not study! Make sure that she study!!" =')

Yeah! I am studying now.. =) Suddenly think of what my friends in Sibu told me during the primary school reunion. Almost 3 of them shared with me that their coursemates are very selfish. Such as, do the questions ahead of she although they promised to move on together, they do not share the knowledge bla bla bla...

However, surprisingly, that is not happened in CUCMS.. Got la.. but just a few =) In fact I will say only one! I dunno in other batch and other faculty (e.g. BPharm) but my friends around me, they r not! Thanks!! And I really hope my friends in other University are doing well.. I am sure there are lots of unselfish people out there too! =D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Butterfly struggle Story

Seriously, I don't understand about the world.. In fact, I think no one knows what is going on in this world, except God ..
Not really happy today, basically it's not about me. It's about my friend. Just imagine I saw a sad scenario happened. That guy is a liar.. With F she said this this this and that about W, but he is still flirting with W, actually the frequency now is decreasing la. So ironic right? I can't tell the truth, coz F said it's not fair for us to judge. And what happened last night W didn't let me to tell others. It is hard to keep something that is "not good" and didn't want to tell others..

Today I was presenting a story entitled "Butterfly Struggle Story". Bascially, the boy intention for the butterfly is good but then again, he is not helping at all to the butterfly. So... Arina was right, just leave their problems. Both of them are big enough to handle.. Evelyn, mind your own business... Don't worry about others k? =D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pro-exam discussion 1

Just come back from lunch with my friends. There are 7 of us, going to eat together.. Since morning, we are doing a discussion on diabetes case. We divided the tasks and look for the answers.

Actually I was having migraine this morning, but then now it's getting better. I am really happy studying and discussing together with friends. They will teach whatever they know to me.. That's why I am trying my best to prepare my part as well to explain to them =D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Disaster Relief Management training @ Academy Bomba, Kuala Kubu

Will add the caption when I am free XD I believe photos express better than words!

JOM Sihat @ Senawang

 14th Jan - 15 Jan: I went for a medical check up trip at Senawang! First time I went to a small village and I met lots of friendly people there.. There are just so awesome and this is the first time I really overnight at other people house. Through this 2 days 1 night trips, I gain a very precious experience. I will further share my experience while u are browsing through my pictures! =D Enjoy!

Upon arrival, we were having a "majlis penyerahan anak angkat" ceremony. Nothing much that night, just a talk given by my friends and some briefing on our second day program.

I joined the medical checkup team. Besides that, we still have fun booth, anatomy booth, blood donation booth handled by Hospital Seremban and BLS booth. =D Before this, I will only check the BP for my friends and family members for the exam purposes. But then this time around, I was doing the medical checkup for the public.. no longer for exam. =D

After the program, we went to Air Terjun Ulu Bendol for post-mortem. We also had our lunch there. =D

Aqi, a naughty but caring friend of mine! XD
In the evening, my "adik angkat" brought me to the Giant nearby there! She wanted to buy battery and I also need a new socks! hehe..This is the second time I was on the motorbike! I still remembered I had my first ride on the motorbike when I went to G-are house for laksa.. around 4 years ago =D Sincerely, I really love the place! It was just a small village and not many vehicles there...

Before the closing ceremony on Saturday night, we were having a fun time together with the kids there. We played games, we shouted and we laughed! The kids are really cute. I love it when they called me "Kak".. Maybe because I don't have any younger siblings so I was craving for that call.. Haha..

They are sweet! ^^

Izati (my secondary sch senior) and I were given short notice to become MC for the closing ceremony, so we don't have much time to prepare the script. Thanks God, everything went on well. I was nervous a little bit (^_^")And Alia actually knew that and messaged me to cool me down =) I received her message when I was standing behind the rostrum.. hehe.. and another friend of mine, Aqi, used her camera to take my photos, because she knew that I will want to have it.. Thanks Alia, Aqi!

It was a very sad farewell that night. I really felt in love with the environment and people there. My "mak angkat" gave my friend and I each a packet of souvenirs and junk food for our journey back to Cyberjaya. I heard one of the elder said: "Macam hantar anak pergi oversea pulak!"

Oh ya, here is the picture I took with my foster family.
Iela, my adik angkat is awesome! Besides the fact that she gave me a ride on the motorbike, she also shared lots of her experiences in her college. She is doing her Bachelor in Nursing now. If I am not mistaken she is 2 or a year younger than me.

This aunty actually came to my foster family house the night before, and we chat till late night XD She also shared about homeopathy with us =D
Alia, the one who really encouraged me to join this medical camp. Thanks XD

I don't know how but when I was @ Senawang, I was close with this kids, her name is Ellya. Her dad did actually messaged me in the facebook, saying that she missed all of us and he expressed his gratitude as well for spending time with his daughter. Thanks Uncle, all those are the driving force for me to continue my journey in medical school :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

After CNY holidays syndrome

This year the Chinese New Year would be the best ever CNY for me and my cousin, I think... Will find a time to share :) but of coz not now, in this early morning.. Homesick ='( although I have been away for nearly 9 years, but the feeling is still there..

Just now around 9 something, I felt a little bit down.. about something that caused by myself also... I did a double works for something.. "Padam muka!" Who ask me not to ask others at the first place :( and I was a bit down today, just left my beloved hometown..

The darkness of the world nowadays and how I should face it? The darkness I mean here is that the news that I do not want to here, and the "undesirable" things I do not want to see.. There are a lot!!

This morning, the sermon by Rev. Chiew was an awesome one. Thanks God for his servant.. The sermon entitled, "Whose wrong is it?"

Always, when something happened, we always blame others first without thinking that we might be wrong as well. So, whatever happened around me, maybe wasn't that bad until I described it as "the darkness"! Maybe I just need to change my point of view, maybe what I see or what I heard from others wasn't the true story. When I change my point of view, I can see lights in the darkness ^^ and I keep remind myself, not to that also one day in future! Learn from others! =D feeling better now! Tomorrow will be my first class after CNY. And I found this, a very meaningful one in the internet just now..

-If I fail, I will keep trying, trying and trying
(Seriously, I want to try my best to not fall into the temptations, action: daily devotional)

-If I beleived God is there listening to my prayers, I will never feel down.

(Of coz, He is there, all the times)

-If u don't like something, change it, if u can't change it, change the way u look at it .. you need to be the change you want to see..
(I will try =D)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

(Badminton) CUCMS Sport's Carnival 2010/2011

Badminton team from Red House
Men's single: Hafiz first year MBBS

Women's single: Elyana 4th year MBBS

Mixed double: Kartik and Syawana 2nd year MBBS

Women's single: Red VS Green

Women's double: Shamina 4th year MBBS and I

Nice game XD

 I am not good in badminton, so I was really nervous!My hands shake when I hold the shuttlecock. Even my serve all gone haywired =(  But then, gratefully, my partner, Shamina covered up lots of my weakness and we successfully win against the green women's double. The marks were very close XD

Thanks for all the Red House supporters also.. Without all of u, the player couldn't make it also.. Touched =') They cooled me down when I was so nervous. You know who are you! XD

Nice game!!

We are the champion XD Win 4 out of 5 games! Awesome~

(The Grand Finale) CUCMS Sport's Carnival 2010/2011

Preparation for the marching

Red House Team, The DRAGONS

Blue House

Yellow House

Green House

Red House

We spark! We Burn!!! =) Marching with snare drum and fire crackers!

The spirit of the DRAGONS! Red house, u guys are awesome!

The team lead by Karthik, the captain

@ the field

Green house dancing

Highly flammable! Be caution! and the DRAGON! with me, playing the snare =D

Seniors who contributed lots of precious marks to the RED hOUSE XD They r SUPER^active and SUPER^awesome! 

Thanks Juniors! ^^

Fiera, Evie and Aqi! ^^

2nd year RED hOUSE members XD

The Committee^^ Thanks for all the hard works.

U guys are awesome! 

That's all for today! I am so happy.. To conclude: team works + talents = champions..
Works are hard, but when they are many of us who did it TOGETHER, things get easier and we enjoyed while working TOGETHER!!

ahaks~! XD