Friday, March 25, 2011

Learning from everyday experience! :)

Yesterday, something did happened. A day before my Public Health final exam. Someone told me something which I already known but then I back up that group of people. I really tried my best to defense them but then when two of my friends gave me lots of evidence, and they were like, "Evie,...wake up please.."

And only then, I realize... the feeling of been betrayed. However, I was happy, at least I knew the truth now. To him who initiate all this things, I will still respect you, but sorry, you who once inspire me, no longer inspire me ANYMORE! I am sorry. I had lose my heart against u guys..

All this experience help me to open my eyes and see the darkness in this world. Perhaps I will assume this is my learning process. I was not the only one who are affected, in fact I received the news calm and steady. Because in my heart, I keep reciting the words of God. (This is the importance of reading bible everyday XD)

I will start to write down all my bitter sweet experience somewhere, so that one day if I get the chance to talk to the people, I will use my own experience to share the testimony.

I like this, got from Alia's drawing, which sound like this, "Stop talking about Islam, show us or shut up!"

For me this is nice, I would like to change it this way: "Stop talking about Christianity, show us or shut up".
This remind me that not to boast or talk too much about Christianity, it's all about how I live out Christ-likeness in my daily life. A live testimony!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

One in a million!

Oh Lord, pls guide and help me to forgive myself and others

Tonight, when I know the truth, I really felt like I was stupid! I was cheated this few days. Aren't our friendship is strong enough to go through all those small misunderstandings?

I admitted it was my fault at the first place that I didn't keep my promise, but now when I know the truth, I was really disappointed.. Can the truth not be the truth? Pls.. I know, some people hated empty canned? Perhaps just let me know so that I can improve? Yes, this is my second time with you.. I know my deed is unforgivable, but then what even worst is that, I really don't know how to face you after this! Luckily I have the initiative to ask my other friends first, or else, tonight I would be like repeated stupid.. Ya, people change! Really cudn't accept that I have all this positive thoughts on you and it turn out to be another way. Real disappointment. It's painful also.

However, in this thing, i learn to not to depend on others. Maybe this is part of the learning process and this time, im not going to be de-motivated. I still have other caring friends, which I know they wudn't want to see my de-motivated attitude. Thank you. Suddenly, i miss my home..

Thanks God for the bitter sweet experience! I will treasure it. The more bitter life is yet to come, but I have God together with me. This is Only a little disappointment in millions of my happiness!