Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They aren't selfish in giving knowledge!

I was so happy. The day after tomorrow is final exam.. I don't know what happened to me this time around.. I felt like I want to go out all the time! I am lazy to study for the final exam.. My friends, Hasvini, Amira, Alia(She was worried), Aqi(as usual I know she will say this to me: Evie, let's score together and celebrate!), Basirah and Izati...You Siang and others.. everytime when I said that I was lazy, they will always asked me to study. Especially my roomates and Alia.. My roomates make sure that I do not go online for movies or even facebook! Alia, before she left me: "Vinie, call or msg me if Evie do not study! Make sure that she study!!" =')

Yeah! I am studying now.. =) Suddenly think of what my friends in Sibu told me during the primary school reunion. Almost 3 of them shared with me that their coursemates are very selfish. Such as, do the questions ahead of she although they promised to move on together, they do not share the knowledge bla bla bla...

However, surprisingly, that is not happened in CUCMS.. Got la.. but just a few =) In fact I will say only one! I dunno in other batch and other faculty (e.g. BPharm) but my friends around me, they r not! Thanks!! And I really hope my friends in other University are doing well.. I am sure there are lots of unselfish people out there too! =D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Butterfly struggle Story

Seriously, I don't understand about the world.. In fact, I think no one knows what is going on in this world, except God ..
Not really happy today, basically it's not about me. It's about my friend. Just imagine I saw a sad scenario happened. That guy is a liar.. With F she said this this this and that about W, but he is still flirting with W, actually the frequency now is decreasing la. So ironic right? I can't tell the truth, coz F said it's not fair for us to judge. And what happened last night W didn't let me to tell others. It is hard to keep something that is "not good" and didn't want to tell others..

Today I was presenting a story entitled "Butterfly Struggle Story". Bascially, the boy intention for the butterfly is good but then again, he is not helping at all to the butterfly. So... Arina was right, just leave their problems. Both of them are big enough to handle.. Evelyn, mind your own business... Don't worry about others k? =D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pro-exam discussion 1

Just come back from lunch with my friends. There are 7 of us, going to eat together.. Since morning, we are doing a discussion on diabetes case. We divided the tasks and look for the answers.

Actually I was having migraine this morning, but then now it's getting better. I am really happy studying and discussing together with friends. They will teach whatever they know to me.. That's why I am trying my best to prepare my part as well to explain to them =D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Disaster Relief Management training @ Academy Bomba, Kuala Kubu

Will add the caption when I am free XD I believe photos express better than words!

JOM Sihat @ Senawang

 14th Jan - 15 Jan: I went for a medical check up trip at Senawang! First time I went to a small village and I met lots of friendly people there.. There are just so awesome and this is the first time I really overnight at other people house. Through this 2 days 1 night trips, I gain a very precious experience. I will further share my experience while u are browsing through my pictures! =D Enjoy!

Upon arrival, we were having a "majlis penyerahan anak angkat" ceremony. Nothing much that night, just a talk given by my friends and some briefing on our second day program.

I joined the medical checkup team. Besides that, we still have fun booth, anatomy booth, blood donation booth handled by Hospital Seremban and BLS booth. =D Before this, I will only check the BP for my friends and family members for the exam purposes. But then this time around, I was doing the medical checkup for the public.. no longer for exam. =D

After the program, we went to Air Terjun Ulu Bendol for post-mortem. We also had our lunch there. =D

Aqi, a naughty but caring friend of mine! XD
In the evening, my "adik angkat" brought me to the Giant nearby there! She wanted to buy battery and I also need a new socks! hehe..This is the second time I was on the motorbike! I still remembered I had my first ride on the motorbike when I went to G-are house for laksa.. around 4 years ago =D Sincerely, I really love the place! It was just a small village and not many vehicles there...

Before the closing ceremony on Saturday night, we were having a fun time together with the kids there. We played games, we shouted and we laughed! The kids are really cute. I love it when they called me "Kak".. Maybe because I don't have any younger siblings so I was craving for that call.. Haha..

They are sweet! ^^

Izati (my secondary sch senior) and I were given short notice to become MC for the closing ceremony, so we don't have much time to prepare the script. Thanks God, everything went on well. I was nervous a little bit (^_^")And Alia actually knew that and messaged me to cool me down =) I received her message when I was standing behind the rostrum.. hehe.. and another friend of mine, Aqi, used her camera to take my photos, because she knew that I will want to have it.. Thanks Alia, Aqi!

It was a very sad farewell that night. I really felt in love with the environment and people there. My "mak angkat" gave my friend and I each a packet of souvenirs and junk food for our journey back to Cyberjaya. I heard one of the elder said: "Macam hantar anak pergi oversea pulak!"

Oh ya, here is the picture I took with my foster family.
Iela, my adik angkat is awesome! Besides the fact that she gave me a ride on the motorbike, she also shared lots of her experiences in her college. She is doing her Bachelor in Nursing now. If I am not mistaken she is 2 or a year younger than me.

This aunty actually came to my foster family house the night before, and we chat till late night XD She also shared about homeopathy with us =D
Alia, the one who really encouraged me to join this medical camp. Thanks XD

I don't know how but when I was @ Senawang, I was close with this kids, her name is Ellya. Her dad did actually messaged me in the facebook, saying that she missed all of us and he expressed his gratitude as well for spending time with his daughter. Thanks Uncle, all those are the driving force for me to continue my journey in medical school :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

After CNY holidays syndrome

This year the Chinese New Year would be the best ever CNY for me and my cousin, I think... Will find a time to share :) but of coz not now, in this early morning.. Homesick ='( although I have been away for nearly 9 years, but the feeling is still there..

Just now around 9 something, I felt a little bit down.. about something that caused by myself also... I did a double works for something.. "Padam muka!" Who ask me not to ask others at the first place :( and I was a bit down today, just left my beloved hometown..

The darkness of the world nowadays and how I should face it? The darkness I mean here is that the news that I do not want to here, and the "undesirable" things I do not want to see.. There are a lot!!

This morning, the sermon by Rev. Chiew was an awesome one. Thanks God for his servant.. The sermon entitled, "Whose wrong is it?"

Always, when something happened, we always blame others first without thinking that we might be wrong as well. So, whatever happened around me, maybe wasn't that bad until I described it as "the darkness"! Maybe I just need to change my point of view, maybe what I see or what I heard from others wasn't the true story. When I change my point of view, I can see lights in the darkness ^^ and I keep remind myself, not to that also one day in future! Learn from others! =D feeling better now! Tomorrow will be my first class after CNY. And I found this, a very meaningful one in the internet just now..

-If I fail, I will keep trying, trying and trying
(Seriously, I want to try my best to not fall into the temptations, action: daily devotional)

-If I beleived God is there listening to my prayers, I will never feel down.

(Of coz, He is there, all the times)

-If u don't like something, change it, if u can't change it, change the way u look at it .. you need to be the change you want to see..
(I will try =D)