Blessed to bless :)

What does it takes to make you and I smile or laugh? Jokes? Friends? Happiness? Family? My friends around me do complain that I seldom smile, maybe because I am too serious? However, there is someone among us who don't smile, not because they don't want to smile or they just been serious, but...they can't!

Do you ever heard about cleft lip and cleft palate? A cleft is an opening in the lip, the roof of the mouth or the soft tissue in the back of the mouth. A cleft palate occurs when the two sides of a palate do not join together, resulting in an opening in the roof of the mouth. Both are congenital defects whereby the exact cause is still unknown. You can never imagine how the kids live with problems in their speech, having difficulty in eating. So, what's the solution???

Operation Smile is an organization healing children smile, making the world a better place. They have mobilized force of medical professionals which provide free, safe, effective reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities for e.g. like cleft lips and cleft palates. Read more...

1 in 10 children born with cleft will die before their 1st BIRTHDAY!!!

Therefore, this coming 16th of July (my 21st birthday) until 26th of July... I would like to turn my birthday into a special fundraiser. If you did plan to give me a gift, I would like you considering to donate to help those kids. All the money will 100% goes directly to the Operation Smile.With an amount of RM719, Operation Smile medical team can provide a 45 minutes cleft lip or cleft palate surgery which change a child's life forever. Just imagine, they can eat, talk, laugh like the other children. 

Because they are people like YOU who CARE about those kids, together we can take some simple step to help them. It's simple. I am planning a gift and there are 2 ways you can help. You can either

1. give an affordable amount of donation (even RM1, do you know it means so much for the kids). You can directly meet me (my contact number: 013 502 5175) and hand in the cash or maybe you can direct the money to my Maybank with the bank account no. 1612 1112 8779. However, please do not feel obliged to donate, I don't want to make it a burden as I know most of my friends are still a student. Give out of your love, your passion to help and make sure it don't impact the way you live (in terms of finance).

2. You can help to spread the words so that others know what are cleft lips and cleft palates or they can create this fund-raising movement as well. YOU can be part of the online community here.

A real story:
When Rithnary was born his mother cried in despair. She new that she could not afford to help fix her baby’s deformity and she blamed herself for his cleft lip. Everywhere Rithnary and his mother went people stared and whispered. Then one day when Rithany was 7 months old his mother took him to an Operation Smile mission. Thanks to the volunteers at Operation Smile, Rithnary can now eat, drink, breathe and smile with the same ease as any normal child. Rithnary’s mother prays everyday for the miracle that saved her sons life.

Rithnary before surgery
Rithnary after surgery
 p/s: The pictures shown  recognize the kids as dignified humans, not hopeless objects.

For more patients' stories, you can click here.

Join me in making a difference! One surgery for a lifetime of smiles.

Thank you for giving or helping to spread the words! :)

*reviewed by Hasvini
*idea from charity water, and my friend Alia Nadhirah