Sunday, December 26, 2010

10 things I want to achieve/do in 2011

1. Finish reading the whole bible with UNDERSTANDING..pls don't stuck in the desert anymore..

2. Christian Fellowship.

3. Professional Exam 1! Make sure I get into 3rd year MBBS. (Clinical year) and make sure I have all the knowledge with me, not just read for the purpose of exam.

4. Read books.. especially spiritual or motivation or management books :)

5. Stop complaining things that we can’t change!

6. Create my own system/version in sharing the gospels! Video, pamphlet..others..

7. Have 15 mins to 30 mins Daily Devotional Time EVERYDAY. It's time to reflect!

8. Never overworked until I chase after for position, fame and others. Try to do everything in preparation for eternity, not the worldly things. "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6.33)

9. Get to involve in any church activities. E.g.: Attend Malaysia Methodist Prayer Convention.

10. Make my birthday matters to the others!! =)

Counting my blessings in 2010

1. I successfully entered 2nd year MBBS and now I was in the end of the semester 3, which is I am now having the Reproductive System. Thanks God for leading me through each block. Gratefully, I passed for all subject.

2. I was recruited into the BLS TST and the team is so awesome. I learned a lot from them especially from Waqiyuddin, the director of the team.

3. I managed to draw out a mindmap, basically about the goals or dreams for my life. But then, I will do one more list on what I want to achieve in 2011, this is for my short term mission and goals. =D

4. I got a chance to have my lunch with Pastor Ting Ee Ling. She is awesome! That's the first time and the last time we had great time together, sharing.. After this, she is leaving to Australia.

5. This is really spiritually important... Because some people tends to become more proud or selfish once they have acquired a lot of knowledge. I learned to accept failures. I failed my sunathon test. It is hard for me to accept it but Arina's advices is awesome. =D Thanks to others who gave me the advices in order for me to stand up again. E.g.: My parents, Rev. Ting, Hasvini, Amira, Zahidah Izyan and others. In fact, one did actually called me on the night the result was out, she just wanted to make sure if I am alright :) Thank you Alia =)

6. I had a chance to visit Janda Baik. Seriously, the place is really very nice. It costs me so much to go to that place. Because I didn't get to attend the church on that Sunday. I agreed to go there after I spent two hours talk through the chat room with Rev. Paul Ting. And Alia really appreciate my attendance. Btw, the best part is I got the chance to swim in the river for the first time in my life!! =D Besides, I had a great time sharing with Waqiyuddin, there in Jand Baik, and this ensure that I am right with my decision to enter this awesome team. "The team is not about everyone being perfect. Team mates share with each other, only then, they can help each others. However, if you do not share, no one knows u are having problems or any crisis. That's why I shared with Waqi =D Aren't there is a saying sounds, "Sharing is Caring?" This is so true!

7. I found a true friend!!  There's once I wanted to detach, but she did something, showing her appreciation on what I have done all the while and I know, after this... I will really take good care of this friendship, whatever it may cost me =) Aren't friendship is all about the "T.R.U.S.T"?

I think I will stop now.. Those are what happened recently :) God's blessings are always overflowing =) It's more than what I wrote..

Y.E.S (year end sharing) ..

Today is 26th December 2010.. A few more days to go into 2011. Times march on really fast! Just now when I was on my way back from the church, I realized that I always wanted to write or share something in the blog but I always didn't manage to do so? Why? Because there are always some other things to be done. So, I decided that whatever happens today, I will spend some times to sit down and write something which is really important in my blog :) Firstly I put in my blessings in 2010. Then, it will follow by "10 things that I want to achieve in 2011" (Actually I got this from a friend of mine, Alia Nadhirah's blog.) It is better to write down the goals, so that we can always be reminded and I am sure this is a very important action for those who plan to achieve something in 2011. =) Of course, we plan (most importantly, never deviated from the His Will) and God will for surely lead us according to his plan and timing.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a friend u are?

What a friend you are, to make me so worried? Or maybe I should use present tense "worry"? Coz now I am still worrying. U didn't reply my message, I hope u r fast asleep already, at home.

U just replied my message. I am not saying that u must reply my msg right after I text u, just that I am worrying that are u ok? Have u come back from the college? Can anyone teach me how to suppress the "worry" or stop worrying?

However, just now ur housemate told me that u are back already before she left. I felt better. This just showed how important our friendship is to me =_=..  izit?

Ya, she is A. F.R.I.E.N.D. O.F. M.I.N.E........ now I want to start studying physio module 2 already =D then do the SCTL for Prof. Yong class.. jia you..!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The voyage of the Dawn Treader

After going to pc Fair this morning, my friends and I went to Times Square.. watching The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, the fifth book written by C.S. Lewis, a christian author. It is so amazing, I always love when it comes to the part that Aslan appears and helps :) And this time, the best part is when theyir ship went to an island whereby there will need to overcome their "evil thoughts from the past."

In the mansion, Lucy met an old man and his advice for them before they leave the island of Dufflepuds was, "To defeat the darkness, u must defeat the darkness inside you." This advice is really suitable for me, my current situation. When I saw they are tempted by their "past experience" (that is when they reached the dark island), I saw myself actually.. ehem... that was not the main point here (^_^")

Another interesting quotes I got from the movie is from Reepicheep. I am not very sure, but he said something like this, "I am willing to put down my sword, for my joy is to see your kingdom." And so, Reepicheep throws his sword away and paddles his coracle to Aslan's Country. I hope to put down my sword too.. hm..

And in this story, most of it talk about courage! :)

For more references, visit this :
How to relate? :

additional info:

Christian themes in "The voyage of the Dawn Treader" :

I love the story because of the way the author write it more or less similar to the Christianity. Well, some may not agree with me but the story was good although the 3D effects weren't that much. Oh ya, I watched 3D version this afternoon. :)

The first book told u how the magic cupboard came from. A "must read" book :)
The second book is fun, lots more better than the movie. This is "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."
The fourth book, Prince Caspian, no comments..
The fifth book is boring..quite dragging a bit in the part when they landed at the island of Dufflepuds. I slept so many times while reading. The movie is far more better. This is "The voyage of the Dawn Treader". Movie released on 9th December :)

I, myself not yet finish reading all the 7 books. :) Anyone interested to read the 7 series of the chronicles of narnia, kindly contact me, I can borrow u my books. My best friend bought the whole set for me on my 18th birthday :)

Next holidays, I will read on "The silver Chair." :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Old story..3 months ago..

Remembered what happened 3 months ago:

[This is a friend of mine, the one who made me knelt down in church, and cried while asking God, "God, how can I take her to heaven with me?" My heart was in pain and no words come out from my mouth after that, I can't continue to sing the hymns. Deep in my heart, I pleaded God to have mercy on her and I asked God, "can u please love her?"]

Friday, December 3, 2010

What is "ketenangan"?

Before the Dr. Amal's infection class started, Alia wrote this on my paper, "Do you know what is ketenangan? It is by remembering good people do to you, remembering bad you do to people. Forgetting good you do to people and forgetting bad people do to you."

I replied, "Thanks Alia!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Friendship can be likended to a traveller seeking a final destination, as one writer says: “It is possible to travel alone. But the good traveller knows that the journey is human life and life needs company. ‘Companion’ means the one who eats the same bread. Happy are those who feel they are always on the road and that everyone they meet is their chosen companion. Good travellers take care of their weary companions. They guess when they lost heart. They take them as they find them, listen to them. Intelligently, gently, above all lovingly, they encourage them to go on and recover their joy in the journey.”