Monday, June 27, 2011

Pro Exam 1 experience :)

I passed my Professional Exam 1. Yes, I am happy, but what matter most is I've gone through a very tough experience and I successfully withstand until everything is over ^^ Thanks God for the strength that He gave me.

I admitted, I had been overprotected since I was young, and even when I entered secondary school, everything is still fine. I am the only chinese in my batch and I get along with them very well and happy. I really enjoyed with them, all my friends in secondary school. Every time when there's racism issues, i will definitely stand up and say no! That do not happen in Malaysia and I will give them my long reasoning based on my experiences.

However, things aren't wonderful all the times, people make mistakes and it really affected me a lot. One of my best friend told me, "Evie, welcome to the real world." Yes, I could not tolerate with some sensitive issue, for example like not sure does this word actually exist or not. It took me nearly 1 or 2 weeks to accept the scenario, with tears but I am grateful because there's some friends around me who are very supportive. Because we went through the same thing. It's hard.

The lessons that I learnt from the incident are:
a) Do not be like them. I accept the whole incident, and it is a very good reminder for myself to never ever be like them, but I do not agree with what they did. We can never tolerate with darkness, and I strongly believe, it is not me to punish, God is just :)

b) In the beginning, I kept asking Hasvini why why and why... But at last I realized I should move on and stop thinking many unnecessary negative thoughts, it's wasting of time. I am not righteous to judge the others, I have to take the lessons and do not repeat the same thing as what they've done.

c) Group discussion. Seriously been in a group discussion is fun. It helped me to reduce my stress and I was less nervous when I was with them. Friends' support... I really enjoyed the time that we spent together.

Everything happens for reason. I will say that I had become stronger now! Life ain't easy...but we can choose to live happily!