Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On Sunday [5.7.2009]...主日学宣教月的 station game。。。

Huh~ I was so glad that the station game (first part) for the three Sunday's school service went on smoothly. Praise the Lord. Although I wasn't appointed for any job in the 7.00a.m. Sunday's school service, but I still attend so that I will not become too clumsy when it comes to my turn to become the fasilitator. I wasn't have much confident in this station game because I am not good in chinese language. This is my weak point: when I have less confident, I become nervous and automatically I talk less or maybe I will just keep quiet, just avoiding to talk to anyone. If I was in my school or college, I think I will get the award for the noisiest friend or perhaps a joker..haha. Not boasting but its true, missing all my friends so much..! Due to my weakness, I have been praying all the while for this event. Back to the story, so I attended the Sunday's school service at 7.00a.m., I joined the primary 3 students who were all under guardian of my childhood friend, Lily Ling. The atmosphere were like market but its interesting and exciting, run and shout with them...

At 9.30a.m. Sunday's school service, everything went on well too. During this period, I have to lead and help out the primary 4 students. They are too obedient. Luckily, they passed all the station. Congratz to them. Beside been obedient, they are cooperative also, every command of mine they obeyed too~ Love them, they are just so cute. Hope they will continue to become the salt and the light of the people arround them regardless of the age and races.

I attended the Holy Communion Service at Wesley Methodist Church, as usual, at 5.00p.m. The topic on that day was "What am I here for?". I will try to prepare a short responsive thought on the sermon that day. I like what did Rev. Lenita Tiong said, "Nothing change in this world!". Yes, nothing is undergoing the evolution. Well, my ancestors weren't a monkey. Haha..

After that, I went for 7.00p.m. Sunday's school service. Wow~ to my surprise, the number of students were so different from morning's service. They were using hall B for the praise and worships. That night, I was in-charged for a station. I got an egg from one of the group. Don't blame me ya, kids! It's your fault who didn't keep the valuable points (the egg) properly...Well, I was so grateful that everything went on well. May God bless all who worked hard on the day, including the headmistress, teachers, the photographer, fasilitators, students and especially to the pastor-in-charge in making the station game for the first part a success.

没心情。。。要在充电! 除你以外~

但是神是我 心里的力量
是我的福份 直到永远

Rukun Negara...

Maka kami rakyat Malaysia akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut:

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan

Kesetiaan Kepada Raja Dan Negara

Keluhuran Perlembagaan

Kedaulatan Undang-undang

Kesopanan Dan Kesusilaan

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan

Seorang guru berkata pada dirinya bahawa dia tidak percaya akan kewujudan Tuhan dan dia berasa sangat bertanggungjawab untuk mengajarkan kepercayaannya kepada orang lain. Pagi itu dia mengajar murid darjah satu.

‘Anak-anak nampak tak pen yang cikgu pegang ini?’ katanya kepada muridnya sambil memegang sebatang pen.

‘Nampak cikgu!’ jawab kanak-kanak

‘Pen ada ke tak ada?’ soalnya lagi

‘Ada cikgu!’ jawab murid-murid serentak. Mendengar jawapan itu, guru tersebut lantas menyorokkan pen itu ke dalam kocek seluarnya.

‘Sekarang nampak tak pen tadi, pen tadi ada ke tak ada?’ soal guru tersebut.

‘Tak nampak cikgu, pen dah tak ada cikgu!’

‘Pandai anak-anak, sekarang cuba kamu cari TUHAN, nampak tak?’ guru itu menyambung persoalan.

Maka riuh-rendahlah kelas pada pagi itu kerana semua murid . Semua sibuk mencari TUHAN di bawah meja, di belakang almari dan sebagainya.

‘Kami tak nampak TUHAN cikgu!’ kata murid-murid kepada guru mereka

‘Jadi TUHAN ada ke tak ada?’ tanya guru itu kepada mereka.

‘Tak ada cikgu!’ jawab mereka secara serentak. Guru itu tersenyum kerana dia sudah berjaya mengajarkan kepercayaannya kepada kanak-kanak itu. Tiba-tiba seorang murid yang nakal dan selalu membuat bising di dalam kelas berdiri di hadapan.

‘Kawan-kawan, awak semua nampak tak otak cikgu?’ tanya budak itu kepada rakan-rakannya.

‘Tak nampak!’ riuh-rendah jawapan yang kedengaran.

‘Kawan-kawan, cikgu ada otak tak?’ tanya budak itu lagi.

Tidaklah semua benda yang tidak kelihatan itu membawa maksud mereka tiada wujud sama sekali. Bagaimana dengan angin, bukankah kita tidak dapat melihat angin, tetapi kita tahu akan kewujudannya apabila ia meniup dedaun supaya melambai kepada kita. Bagaimana dengan nyawa, bukankah kita dapat melihat nyawa, tetapi jika tiada nyawa, sudah pasti kita sudah dipulangkan kepada tanah.

Walaupun apa agama yang dianuti anda, percaya akan kewujudan Tuhan merupakan Rukun sebagai anak Malaysia.