Saturday, August 3, 2013

Research and EBM Posting

Hi to all, just wish to share a few things with you guys. However, I encouraged you to get some info from other seniors as well, because I am afraid that I might miss out some points :) And I am not sure if it is still the same syllabus for this year/there might be some changes. Don't worry, the course coordinator will brief you more on this!

Course Contents: for EBM 2012
1. Introduction and Overview of the Research and EBM

2. Introduction to thinking and thought processes
- it's a lecture...

3. Essentials of the various thinking processes

4. Introduction and Overview of Research Methodologies
- Please pay attention because you really need to understand this in order for you to prepare your proposal.

5. Technique in Experimental Research

6. Essentials of biostatistics
-Again, you need this for your research. Actually some of it you already learnt in your third year.. During your Community Medicine posting. This is when you need your old notes! ;)

7. Evidence Based Practice
-this is an important topic, you will need to apply this in your case write up later in your fourth and fifth year. In fifth year, you will need to do at least one EBM-Case write up for each posting. I just finish my Ortho II posting, basically it is just a 5 pages report but you need to read a lot of journals to answer your formulated clinical question(s).

8. Formulate Clinical Question
-You will be taught on how to formulate clinical questions for your research :)

9. Understanding and Critical Appraisal on Medical Literature
-This is extremely important because throughout your postings later, they will always be a slot for critical appraisal. Either during your Family Medicine, Psychiatry or other postings, lecturers will give you some journals for critical appraisal. ^^, You can start to look up for some info on critical appraisal online. Here is a website for your reference.

10. Good Clinical Practice in Medical Research
-Print this handout. Download and print it out. Prof. Rashid will be teaching you guys on this topic. By the end of this workshop, there will be an examination and you will be given a certificate if you pass this exam. Basically it is regarding Malaysian Guideline for Good Clinical Practice. For more, you can read it from here.

11. Scientific Writing with emphasis on proposal writing

12. Research Proposal Presentation
-Each and everyone of you will be divided into a group of 4, and you will have a supervisor. You have to discuss among your group members on what research you guys want to do, and prepare the proposal. How to start, formulate the clinical questions first! Your supervisor will guide you guys. :) Remember, keep it simple, realistic and doable! During our batch, the top 10 best research were selected and given a chance to carry out the research.

REMINDER AGAIN: Make sure your research is doable, and realistic. Once you get the approval to do your research, there will be some procedures...I think I don't have to write down the procedures here because Prof. Najib will brief you guys on this matter. Please start doing/applying straight away, the problem with my group is we spent too much times on this procedures (register to become an investigator/researcher, applying for approval from MREC..etc.), and we ended up having not enough times to proceed our research. Although we did not manage to complete the research, but going through all those procedures with my groupmates (I mean the registration and application part) is a great experience! And of course, it is best if you can complete the research and publish's all about generating a new knowledge for others! All the best to you guys!

That's all. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

thank you for all ur help towards our batch! i just wanted you to know that your posting guides really helped a lot of us in our batch. usually im too shy to comment but please know that your efforts did not go to waste, so thank youuuu and good luck!

p.s. what about family medicine? ^____^v

Evie Evelyn said...

thank you. Glad to hear that it helps. And yea, Family Medicine is missing. Maybe you can help to add up for our juniors next year! Haha (^^,)